Now I wanna be your doll: Iggy at Toys "R" Us



From the Dave Clark 5 to the Circle Jerks to Katy Perry (but possibly not Michael Buble), nothing confers music legend status quite like an action figure. So it was really just a matter of time before Iggy Pop joined the fray.

Still, even the most cynical pop culture observer is likely to raise an eyebrow upon learning that the self-lacerating contortionist behind such classic tracks as "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "Nazi Girlfriend" has now been enshrined by the one of America's most mainstream mega-chains.

The Toys "R" Us-exclusive Ig stands 6-3/4 inches tall and comes with his own mic stand and microphone. (No mic cord, though, as he's been known to hurt himself with those.)

Not sure how many stores will actually be stocking these, but you can order your own online here for $13.98. You can also scroll down on Iggy's Toys "R" Us page to find "related items & accessories," including jaunty action figures of Hannibal Lecter and Iron Maiden mascot Eddie the Head. Now play nice out there!

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