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So maybe you haven't gotten around to reading your friendly neighborhood Reverb column yet. Or maybe you're just savoring it so slowly that you haven't reached the section about this weekend's shows.

Either way, we figured we'd post a few highlights here, so you can be sure not to miss out.

And, as always, you can go to our Playing Around listings to get a complete account of what's happening around town.

Better Than Tim
  • Better Than Tim
This weekend, look for We Are Not a Glum Lot, d.u.g.o.u.t. c.a.n.o.e. and Mobdividual at Zodiac on Friday, and/or Conjugal Visits, the Melismatics and Cat Color down the street at the Triple Nickel Tavern. That same night, upstart bands Better Than Tim and the Blatants make their move from house parties to the Black Sheep, where I'm told they'll be offering up a mix of ska, punk, surf rock, crunchy riffs and questionable lyrics.

Then on Saturday, the Mighty LoCasters are throwing a birthday bash for frontman Adam Lopez at Zodiac. Talented "rebel troubadour" Brian Parton will also be performing, as he did for Chris Mandile's birthday party at the same venue a couple weeks ago. (What, nobody books magicians or clowns anymore?)

And finally, one last bit of great news: Ishhod Collins tells us his band the Heart-less is back together. They'll be playing V Bar's Kiowa Sessions event this Sunday with BLEACHEDBLONDE and Mike Stephens' Men of Deep Throat.

Have fun out there!

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