Downton Abbey to re-air after failure



The British period drama Downton Abbey on PBS is not something I would normally spend time watching but, dammit, it's kind of really good. Which is why I, and everybody else catching up on their World War I-era blue bloods, was a little disappointed when the show freaked out Sunday night and froze for 45 minutes midway through the debut of Season 2.

"We encountered a server failure at 10:15pm on Sunday," writes content manager Carolyn Spellman in an e-mail today. "We've since implemented additional backup measures that will both swiftly identify these kind of technical issues and allow us to more effectively communicate with our audience."

Rocky Mountain PBS CEO Doug Price yesterday told the Denver Post he "can't express our frustration enough with losing 45 minutes of our franchise program for the year. We had a problem about three weeks ago that our technical vendor assured us they had never seen but had none the less resolved. We're digging in to that this morning."

The show is being credited with reviving PBS' flagging fortunes, with the New York Times saying the network "now faces the challenge of translating the buzz and enthusiasm for the show into donations to local stations and public financing."

Though the station did continue with the restarted episode after the problem was fixed, it's re-airing the premiere at 7 p.m. Thursday and again at 7 p.m. Sunday, with the second episode following at 9.

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