Uh, that was quick ... Graham exits state House race




And just as we were starting to warm up to him, he's gone.

From the Denver Post:

Gar Graham, the retired U.S. Air Force major general who had jumped into one of the most fascinating Republican legislative primaries in 2012, has now jumped out.

This isn't terribly surprising.

With impressively bad timing, Graham chose to announce in the week before the state was set to finalize the reapportionment maps. So while he announced his run in HD 20, home of House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, the new district lines moved him and Stephens into HD19, Rep. Marsha Looper's stomping ground.

Stephens is Public Enemy No. 1 to the people, like former Sen. Dave Schultheis, who are backing Graham, for bills such as SB 200 from the 2011 session. They want nothing more than to keep her far away from Denver, and it might be that Looper, who is popular among conservatives and her constituency, has a good chance of doing just that.

Yet when this point was brought to his attention by Grassroots Radio, Graham could barely shift his laser-like glare away from Stephens long enough to notice that his candidacy might actually be the spoiler that undermines Looper's base and hands Stephens the win.

When show host Ken Clark forced him to consider that possibility, Graham responded that his first priority was to oust Stephens, whether that job falls to him or Looper. He added. "I want to pay a little bit of attention to Rep. Looper's record. I really haven't studied it; I don't know much about the lady."

Apparently, he got schooled. Again, from the Post:

“Having met with Rep. Looper and studied her voting record, I am confident she will demonstrate consistent leadership in standing for our core Republican values,” Graham said in a statement. “Rep. Looper will hold Stephens responsible for her SB 200 support of Obamacare and her questionable voting record of only 50 percent support for key conservative values.”


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