Donate a CD, support a library



Got tons of CDs you never listen to, taking up room that could be devoted to some other kind of clutter?

Beginning Jan. 2 and continuing through Feb. 13, all Pikes Peak Library District locations will have collection boxes where you can donate those Billy Idol and Blind Melon albums that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

The best part is that Independent Records will be donating $1 for each CD received in order to help support All Pikes Peak Reads community outreach programs. (Note that CDs must be in good condition, with no missing inserts, so no cheating, OK?)

Face it, you'll never have time to list them all on eBay and then spend the rest of your life making trips to the post office. Plus, if you can't bear the idea of parting with all that music, go sign up at and, if there are any albums that you can't stream for free, just upload them to your computer.

Yes, it's a New Year's resolution you can actually keep. And you can feel good about helping save public libraries, that last bastion of democracy, before Doug Bruce figures out how to shut them down.

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