Naughty By Nature enters KRCC/KILO fray


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At the risk of refueling last week's spat between Colorado Springs radio stations KRCC and KILO over their dueling crown logos, we feel compelled to report that another interloper has stepped into the royal fray.

But first, just to bring us all up to speed, here's how KRCC made the original argument as part of a Dec. 13 blog post:

"It has recently come to our attention that a local radio station has been marketing itself in a fashion that resembles the marketing efforts of KRCC. Colorado’s pure rock station, KILO 94.3 FM has, for some time now, been using the Colorado license plate theme that so many loyal KRCC listeners and members have long associated with us. We had a bit of a chuckle when we first noticed it, but due to the ubiquity of the theme we shrugged it off with a simple question of why KILO would want to confuse itself with a member-supported public radio station — I mean, we hardly ever play Korn and stuff (Vicky did once, but she insists it was a mistake). More recently, we became aware, via an advertisement in the Colorado Springs Independent, that KILO has now incorporated a crown into its logography, a crown that is very similar to our own crown. This worries us as it appears that KILO is gathering its forces in an effort to challenge KRCC’s status as the monarchical broadcast overlord of Southern Colorado."

The public radio outlet also aired a mock KRCC ad done in the style of a hard-rock station, which you can check out here.

Shortly thereafter, KRCC shared a pretty caustic response from KILO's program director, excerpted below:

"As a 37 year old male i don’t even know where to find you on the dial. So i think all this can be categorized as “radio paranoia” Our KILO license has been in use (stickers and bus benches) for 2 or 3 years now (so not really a recent campaign). The use of the colorado license plate (a plate design that dates back to at least 1979) is an idea that has been done…. a lot. (see attachments) We’re in colorado bro… that’s our license plate! as for the independent ad… it was a representation of KILO being king of the hill after beating down another station. (Crown on top of a hill.. get it?) again, to claim anyone using something as universal as a crown in an ad is ripping you off is pretty out there. is burger king stealing your shtick too? how about king chef? beastie boys grand royal logo? crown royal? wait a second… i think we just stumbled onto one of the biggest controversies of all time the world is conspiring against and stealing from krcc!"

In the days since, the sniping appears to have subsided. So imagine our surprise when we opened an email announcing that veteran rap trio Naughty by Nature, known for their once ubiquitous hit, "O.P.P.,", is the latest entity to appropriate other people's, um, property. The Grammy-winning group has revealed the artwork for its new 20th anniversary collector's edition Anthem, Inc., and yes, it's got a crown on top of it. And, in a further case of one-upsmanship, it's not just a three-point crown, like KRCC's. Or four-point crown, like KILO's. We're talking five points here.

Scroll down past all the logos, and you'll find a not-altogether-fascinating video interview with the group's graphic designer, which shows that the logo has traditionally been Naughty By Nature's name with a baseball bat under it. The idea of the bat, says the designer, was that "it could be a weapon, but it could also be just something, you know, a normal thing."

OK, plausible enough. But then suddenly, after 20 years of the baseball bat, a crown suddenly appears up above it. Coincidence? Who can say?





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