Vetoed? Not so fast...




City Council overcame four of the mayor's six vetoed items in the 2012 city budget Thursday afternoon.

In order to overcome a veto by Mayor Steve Bach, the City Council had to muster six votes, which would have seemed challenging given that many of Council's changes to the budget were made on 5-4 decisions. That said, Council made the task look easy.

With seven votes or more, Council was able to keep its membership to the Colorado Municipal League and the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments in its Council budget, rather than in the main budget as the mayor wished. (Mayor Bach wanted the memberships in the main budget so that they would be easier to eliminate if he later wished to do so.)

All Councilors except Angela Dougan and Tim Leigh agreed to that override of Bach. Notably, even Councilor Merv Bennett, who previously stated he would not support any changes to the mayor's budget, went along with the override.

All other reversals were made on 6-3 votes, with Leigh, Dougan and Bennett voting no. Councilors voted to keep funding for tennis court repairs, an additional Code Enforcement officer and a half-time legislative and communications staff member to serve Council.

Councilor Lisa Czelatdko had an embarrassing moment when she made a motion to keep $10,000 for the Old Colorado City Historical Society and failed to get a second.

Only Councilor Bernie Herpin, Council President Scott Hente, and Council President Pro Tem Jan Martin voted in favor of requiring the city to grow its own flowers for the Springs in Bloom program. The mayor has already said he plans to have staff do that anyway, and City Attorney Chris Melcher noted that the Council cannot compel parks staff to do anything, since that power belongs to the mayor.

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