What they were saying about OCS




Kristie Wheeler dropped off a letter at Mayor Steve Bach's office, notifying him that she would be appealing his decision to the City Council today. To her surprise, she found waiting for her a document cataloging every call, e-mail and voice message made to the mayor's office about Occupy Colorado Springs.

Wheeler was one of the holders of the 30-day revocable permit for OCS' occupation of a corner of Acacia Park that Bach chose not to extend.

As we reported Tuesday, she had gone to the city administration building Monday to get a copy of the complaints made about OCS, but was told that they couldn't be released due to concerns over citizen confidentiality.

We contacted Cindy Aubrey, the chief communications officer with the city to ask on what grounds this denial was made and to make our own request for the documents. A half-hour ago, Aubrey e-mailed us the same document she gave Wheeler.

Wheeler says that she is pleased with the release, and plans to comb through the complaints, to see how they can address them when they go before the City Council. From her initial review, she points out that a lot of the complaints are prior to when they had the permit.

"A lot of it was just complaining that they didn't like our presence on the corner," she says, "and not that we were doing anything wrong."

Some of the comments are in support of OCS; most are against them. This one compares the protesters to the patrons of the downtown bar scene, and takes the stand that protests can only occur during set hours:

Voice message complaining about the mess in Acacia Park downtown. Yesterday they were out and were going to do some shopping and go to a store on Tejon, pick up some jewelry, get some shoes, eat and ended up going to Manitou and dropped about $500 and did their Christmas shopping at the same time. Decided she is going to boycott downtown until this mess gets straightened out. Said she has some people coming in next week for a wedding and they will probably be going to Manitou then or up to Woodland Park. If you can chase the people out of the bars downtown, then you can chase these people out, too. I know they have the right to protest, but protesting ends at 11pm and they can start back up at 5 in the morning. If you can’t enforce the laws downtown like you do with the homeless and like you do with the bar people, then there is something wrong. We vote, so think about it. Thinks it’s time you put your foot down and enforce the laws that the City has. Don’t let them get away with it because if they get away with it, then the next group will and the next group will, and the next group — and then more and more people will be going to Manitou, Castle Rock and Woodland Park to do their shopping.

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Occupy Colorado Springs Calls
(E-mails, calls and voice messages)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

E-mail requesting that action be taken to enforce the no camping ordinance in downtown Colorado Springs. No good is going to come of this current situation. Those people can protest to their hearts content, but not cause problems or camp out in our parks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Called and said to leave protesters alone. When the anti-war protesters were here, Colorado Springs was the only place where the protesters were gassed — makes us look bad.

Called and said that Occupy Wall Street people are planning to live in Acacia Park, which may adversely affect downtown businesses, but suggests the police treat the protesters kindly as it will have a negative impact on our beautiful community if they are arrested.

Called and said the protesting campers should be treated the same way as everyone else and should not be allowed to camp overnight in the City’s park.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E-mail saying he’s been a city resident for over 30 years and doesn’t like what is happening in Acacia Park. The people protesting have no right to remain overnight in a public park. The many tea parties that were held in the park lasted only hours and got their point across. The people now “protesting” should do the same. You have my complete support to enforce the city ordinances and physically remove the transients from the park especially if they are posing a threat to the property of the people of Colorado Springs. Their occupation of the park overnight is a blight on this city. Please continue to enforce the law.

E-mail asking if you plan to immediately and completely enforce our City ordinance prohibiting camping in public parks with regard to the downtown protesters or not. Just a yes or no.

Called and said she just drove by Acacia Park and the group that is camping there and said if we allow the protesters to camp, we are opening the door for a lot of people to ruin the downtown area.

Called and said the Occupy Colorado Springs movement and arresting the protesters would be the wrong action. He supports their right to protest.

Voice message saying he’s participating in Occupy Denver and heard that the COS police were going to arrest the protesters/campers in Acacia Park at 11pm Tuesday evening. He warned that if that were to happen, they will be coming down from Denver in “droves.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Voice message saying she hopes we will consider calling the police off of the protesters as they have a right to peacefully assemble and we need to support Americans and their first amendment rights. If we arrest them, we can expect more trouble.

Voice message to leave the Occupy Colorado Springs protesters go and let them do what they are there to do and everything will be great.

Voice message saying if we want to get the people out of the park, just turn on the sprinkler system — they’ll pack up and move and if they don’t, just turn it on more often and they’ll get tired of getting wet and they’ll move out of the park. You don’t have to all of this other hassling and arresting them and throwing them in jail — they’ll move. Good luck!

Caller said there’s a whole lot of negative attention on Colorado Springs at Acacia Park. We’re going to make the national news again and that won’t be good for anyone when we’re finally getting over the streetlight issue. Protesters have video cameras and cell phones and will be sure to capture what the police do to them so we need to leave them alone and prioritize what needs to be handled.

Caller said we need to get those clowns of the street downtown by Acacia Park. He said you’re the Strong Mayor, so get them off the street and don’t pussyfoot around.

Called and asked why police get to pick and choose who breaks the law and asked why the Mayor and CSPD haven’t done anything about the campers. I mentioned that I had seen a report on the morning news on this subject and purposely drove down Nevada Avenue past Acacia Park on my way to work and saw people on the sidewalks, but didn’t see any tents. He started yelling at me and asked me where the hell I lived because there are tents all over Bijou and Tejon. He obviously thought I was defending the campers. He gave me his last name, but said I didn’t need to know his first name and requested a return call. I send an e-mail to PD and inquired how to respond to people that are asking what the City is doing about the protesters camping in the park. No response as yet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Called and said she was listening to the Richard Randall show on the protesters in Acacia Park. She said she is disturbed that someone can break the law if there is a City ordinance. She said we need to take a firm stand on enforcing the ordinance because the next time there will be someone else breaking the law. Don’t let politics get in the way when the law is broken. Said she supported the Mayor totally and knows he is a Strong Mayor and hopes that he will come down on the side of the law and enforce it.

Voice message saying, “I am so disappointed in you, Mayor, that I don’t know what to say. First amendment rights are first amendment rights. They occupy the sidewalks and not the parks, so leave them alone.”

Voice message saying she just heard that you are waiting for complaints before removing overnight campers from Acacia Park, so she’d like to complain.

Caller said he wondered how long this has been going on at Acacia Park. Said he just got out of Memorial and had surgery and will be on dialysis and is supposed to stay clean and he just took his dogs to Acacia Park and there was a man urinating on the sidewalk and the place smells like an open sewer. He said he called the police and they were going to send someone down there. He said the park is absolutely filthy and nasty and doesn’t see any port-a-potties. He left because his doctor wants him to stay clean and healthy.

Voice message saying she is a Colorado Springs resident and thinks this Acacia Park thing is ridiculous and that other people can’t use the park that normally do. Wishes this Mayor would do something about it and get this park cleaned up.

Voice message saying she is calling about the situation in Acacia Park and wants Colorado Springs to be a place where law-abiding citizens are respected and those that disobey the law are not. They are disobeying the law and need to be out and hopes that you will instruct your Police Chief to take care of the situation. Said she voted for you and thought you had the proper values and wants this situation taken care of. Said she is pursuing a formal complaint if need be.

Voice message asking for a return call about the situation in Acacia Park. Returned call and left him a message to contact Commander Olszewski at PD as she is handling the Occupy Colorado Springs calls.

Voice message saying he was listening to the radio and wonders why those nutjobs in the park can break the law and they don’t do jack about it, but if he were to do the same thing, he’d be freakin’ spending the night. Just wondering.

Took a call from a man who said he was calling in support of Occupy Colorado Springs. When the City first passed the ordinance, it was unconstitutional and was meant for people that are causing crime and doing something bad. Occupy COS has no one living or camping at the park and the businesses are in support of it. Said it’s a waste of police resources when there are other things they can be spending their time on other than watching what’s going on in the park. He said this has told him one thing and that is that he will not vote for Mayor Bach in the future.

Caller said she wondered what is being done about the campers in Acacia Park. Said she likes Mayor Steve and Jeff Crank likes him, too, and she likes Jeff Crank! Said she called CSPD and was told that those people are not breaking the law, but she has heard conflicting stories and wonders what is going on.

Voice message saying she’d like to get a message to the Mayor that we are a nation of laws and a city of laws and we have laws about them being in the park where they are holding demonstrations after certain hours and we need to enforce our laws. If you’re a parent and have children, you have rules and you need to enforce the rules otherwise the children don’t learn that they need to be responsible for their behavior. Again, we’re a nation of laws and you need to enforce the laws on the people who are staying there after hours.

Voice message complaining about the mess in Acacia Park downtown. Yesterday they were out and were going to do some shopping and go to a store on Tejon, pick up some jewelry, get some shoes, eat and ended up going to Manitou and dropped about $500 and did their Christmas shopping at the same time. Decided she is going to boycott downtown until this mess gets straightened out. Said she has some people coming in next week for a wedding and they will probably be going to Manitou then or up to Woodland Park. If you can chase the people out of the bars downtown, then you can chase these people out, too. I know they have the right to protest, but protesting ends at 11pm and they can start back up at 5 in the morning. If you can’t enforce the laws downtown like you do with the homeless and like you do with the bar people, then there is something wrong. We vote, so think about it. Thinks it’s time you put your foot down and enforce the laws that the City has. Don’t let them get away with it because if they get away with it, then the next group will and the next group will, and the next group — and then more and more people will be going to Manitou, Castle Rock and Woodland Park to do their shopping.

Voice message and would like to discuss this thing with the people protesting outside. We have ordinances and regulations for a reason and would like to discuss this. Tried to return call to direct him to Commander Olszewski, but the phone rang many times and never went to voicemail. He called back in the afternoon at 2:30pm and said he doesn’t know what is on the protesters’ agenda, but if the park closes at 11pm, then why should they be exempt from having to follow the laws like everyone else. They should have to leave at 11pm and return at 6am. He doesn’t agree with the tents and sleeping in the park. They have a right to free speech, but there are rules for a reason. I gave him Commander Olszewski’s phone number and said I would pass his comments on to the Mayor.

Voice message saying he doesn’t need a call back, but is calling regarding the Occupy Colorado Springs guys in Acacia Park and is very upset that we are handling the situation wrong. They are touting their constitutional right to gather and protest, but there is also a constitutional right for equal protection under the law and everybody’s equal standing under the law and if we’re going to be chasing homeless people out of their and not letting them sleep in any other public area in town, then we can’t let other people do the same thing. I think we should make it clear that they can come and they can protest every day, but they shouldn’t be allowed to sleep in Acacia Park. That’s just not following the law and you have to apply it evenly to everybody. Good luck because no matter what you do, you’re going to make somebody mad.

Voice message saying she’s concerned about Occupy Wall Street in Acacia Park. It seems like we have a double standard. We are kicking the homeless people out of homeless camps, but allow these people to camp in our parks when there is a City ordinance against it and the usual excuse is that we don’t have enough people and this group is from out of town and can’t handle it. Protesting is fine and free speech is fine, she’s all for it, but giving one group preference over another is totally wrong. We need to arrest them and get them out of there if they’re camping.

Voice message saying he’s lived in Colorado Springs since 1975. Please, Mayor, move those people out of there at 11pm at night. Tell them they can come back at 6am. They do not belong there — it is against the law. Please enforce the law. If we are going to be a city of laws, then enforce the laws. I thank you very much.

Voice message saying she doesn’t need a call back, but just wants to say that she is hoping the Mayor and the Police Department will enforce the law with the Acacia Park protesters and make it fair for everybody. If there are rules that are in place and laws that are in place, then they need to follow them like everyone else and keep it safe and keep it clean. Said she was just listening to the radio this morning and they say that some people are avoiding the area and not shopping downtown and that is going to hurt our city and our reputation and hopes that the Mayor will take action on that.

Voice message saying she lives in Colorado Springs and is calling to ask Mayor Bach to support the constitutional rights of those protesting in Acacia Park. They are Americans and have the constitutional right to do that and is asking for his support in allowing them to exercise those rights. Anything else would frankly be a violation of what he is held to do. Thank you for listening and we hope to have your support.

Voice message saying that she tried to e-mail the Mayor through our website and it was asking all kinds of questions and she doesn’t even know what some of the things are and we shouldn’t make it so difficult to e-mail the Mayor. Said that she wrote a long message and it got lost, but she was writing to complain about demonstrations downtown and they don’t intend to go downtown shopping again until that is all cleared up. She said there is a camping/no camping law and it should be enforced. She said everyone criticized the tea party, but they met in the afternoon, they had a permit and they cleaned up after themselves and she doesn’t see why these people can’t follow the law as well. Someone said there were no complaints about them, well, she is complaining. Said she’s not going to go back downtown shopping again until they’re gone. Thank you and please make your e-mail work easier.

Voice message calling about the Occupy group at Acacia Park. She strongly believes that this group should be allowed to stay. Understands the concern but they’re training to raise awareness in the community and have their voices heard so thinks it should be supported that you believe in free speech and allowing these people to get their message across to the community by letting them stay.

Took a call from man who said he was in support of the campers. After multiple negative calls regarding the campers, I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly and asked, “Did you say you were in support of?” and he said, “Yeah, do you have a problem with that?” and I explained that I had received numerous calls from people that weren’t supportive and he said he happened to know that over 1,000 people had called the Mayor’s Office in support of the campers and said, “Goodbye and good luck with your attitude.”

Took a call from a man who said his 12-year old daughter asked him last night, “Daddy, if someone is breaking the law, doesn’t somebody do something about it?” He said she asked him why the homeless couldn’t sleep in the park, but the protesters at Acacia Park are allowed to stay. He said they had a long talk about laws and the constitution and how laws come about, but said his 12-year old daughter’s question really threw him off when we don’t consistently enforce the law.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Voice message saying that the City of Colorado Springs uses Code Enforcement to harass people claiming that it is their neighbors complaining and then a couple of misfits sit there and take over a city park and we have no ability to remove them? What a sorry place to live.

Voice message saying she is a concerned citizen about the demonstrations in the park in downtown Springs and they are breaking the law. She is a law-abiding citizen and wants to see those people removed if they are violating the law. We all have to follow the laws that are in place in the city, the county, and the state and the country and there is no reason why these lawless people should be allowed to continue there. Let’s see some backbone and clean up this mess.

Caller said he thought the Mayor was here for the citizens and to protect the citizens and asked why nothing is being done about the protesters in Acacia Park. He said he talked to CSPD and they told him to call the Mayor’s Office. He said we clearly have a law that there is no camping and wants to know when the Mayor is going to do something about it. He said he seems to be a deadbeat Mayor. Said since Obama has gotten into office, nobody cares anymore — it’s a socialist country and not a free America anymore.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Voice message saying he lives in Denver and is part of the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Denver movement and is very unhappy that those that are standing in solidarity with us in Colorado Springs are being falsely accused of urinating on the sidewalk. I believe this is false and I am very upset about this. I would like to know why this accusation is being made. I would appreciate a call back. I mean this with the utmost respect, but I feel I don’t understand why they would be accused of doing something like this because these people are standing up for their human rights, for their first amendment rights for jobs, the economy, for the injustices that are going on. I would hardly think they would want to tarnish that image by doing something so ridiculous and it might have been some crazy person nearby that did that, but it wouldn’t be anyone that is a part of this movement and he would be devastated to find out if anyone did that. It would be one individual and obviously they are crazy and I would respectfully respect your office please retract those accusations. Thank you very much.

Voice message saying he lives in Denver and is keeping a close and keen eye on the actions of the police force in Colorado Springs. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that the police aren’t the people we’re mad at — it’s the people like you that send the police our way, but we’re not going to stop. We’re not going to stop. We’re not going to stop today and we’re not going to stop tomorrow and eventually we’ll be coming to your doorstep. I promise that.

Caller wants to lend her support to the folks downtown, the Occupy Colorado Springs folks. She has been down there and these are wonderful people. They are hard working and this is a fabric of society that we need to support. We may disagree on some issues but the core level issue is that they stand for what is right, true and just in the world and in our community. Said she’s just in awe of what they are doing. They are all working and very highly functional and I would implore your support. I love this community and do a lot of volunteer work in this community and wish to support those who want to improve our community. I thank you so much for your support and we’ll talk soon.

Voice message saying he was in Acacia Park to walk his dog and it’s quite disgusting over there. He said they actually saw a man pooping into a plastic bag. Said he knows there’s been talk and that you guys have been trying to get rid of them, but if the Mayor can’t get rid of these people, then I think we should get a new Mayor if they can’t do anything about a bunch of idiots in the park. I really think we should recall the Mayor.

Voice message that he’d like to voice his opinion that the people that are protesting in the park Colorado Springs and Denver should be left to protest in accordance with their first amendment rights and if they’re not, he will be one of the people out there to support the cause of occupying the area to protest the problems of our government and the corruption of everything today. Please call me back in response to my opinion being voiced. (I called him back and told him that I am tracking comments from our citizens for the Mayor.)

Voice message saying he would like the Mayor to give him a call tomorrow morning, or whenever convenient, in regards to the Occupy protest in our parks. Thank you. (I called him back and left a voice message that the Mayor cannot return his call, but I would be happy to pass along his comments to the Mayor if he’d like to call me back.)

Voice message saying she is a native of Colorado Springs and a tax paying citizen of our city, a business owner and a supporter of Occupy Colorado Springs. You, as our Mayor, should be the first person to be protecting our first amendment rights. I don’t see that that is being done. It’s not a pick and choose — it’s something we all have a right to. A portion of my taxes goes to this park and there are certain areas, regardless of what the Colorado Springs Police Department tells you that is public property and we do have the right to be here. Just wanted to let you know that and that you take it all into consideration and do some research because we are not moving from here. Please do your job.

Voice message that he’s a 36-year resident of Colorado Springs and I would like to add my voice to “leave the people alone at the corner of Acacia Park, please.” They are doing no harm, they are doing good and they are encouraging business downtown and they deserve to be left alone. Thank you very much for your time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Voice message saying he’s with Occupy Colorado Springs and he and some of the organizers would like to schedule a meeting to sit down with the Mayor to talk to him about some of the accusations and maybe a special permit. Said they’re trying everything they can to work with the City and don’t want Colorado Springs to be one of a handful of cities out of about 2,000 cities to take police action against peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights. They’re on public land and it’s a Court battle you don’t need. It will affect public image and you’ll lose, quite frankly. If you’d like to give me a call back, we’d love to sit down with Mayor Bach and work this out with you guys.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caller wanted to express her support for the City Attorney’s decision to uphold ordinance on overnight camping in the park. Their camping in the park is a cost to citizens because they are trampling the grass and publically going to the bathroom. She said they have a right to express their views and opinion, but should do it during the day and go home at night. She said if the Mayor’s Office or other City agency allows them to stay overnight in the park, they should consider having them post a bond to cover costs for care if they suffer from exposure from freezing temperatures, cost of police if there is an incident, court costs, whatever cost that may arise by the protesters camping in the park. There is no reason the citizens should have to subsidize such lawlessness. In that the Mayor is new, the citizens have high expectations and he needs to do good things, uphold the law and help the City and people expect him to be an honorable person.

Caller wanted to get a message to the Mayor not to negotiate with the Occupy group in Acacia Park. They should have to have a permit to be there during the day. The park has laws and if they don’t like the rules, they can go to Council and try to get it changed. She feels they are a dangerous group and may seem benign now, but they want a revolution to change our form of government. Allowing them to stay in the park is a big mistake. They should follow the rules just like everyone else.

Voice message saying she’s a citizen of Colorado Springs and would like to encourage the Mayor not to give into the demands of Occupy Colorado Springs and has a long list of reasons why and would like to speak to his administrator. I called her back and told her that I have made a note of her request.

Caller wanted to let the Mayor know she is not in agreement with Occupy Acacia Park and spending money on sanitation and police or whatever is necessary to allow them to stay and doesn’t want her taxpayer dollars spent on that.

Voice message saying she does not expect a call back from Mayor Bach, but has serious concerns about not being able to park downtown to do business. She wanted to go to a downtown store the other day and the Occupy Acacia Parkers are monopolizing parking spots, not paying the meter either and thinks it’s time to put an end to this silliness. She takes her grandchildren park hopping and they go from America the Beautiful Park to Uncle Wilbur Park and she is not comfortable taking small children to that area with those people and their vitriolic yelling and carrying on, not to mention that hygiene is a concern as well. It’s time to put an end to it. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Took a call from a man who said he believes the Colorado Springs movement should continue and they should be allowed to camp there and people shouldn’t be arrested.

Voice message saying she wants to make sure that the Occupy movement be allowed to continue on Tejon Street and doesn’t agree with arresting anyone. They should be allowed to camp overnight and have their tents set up. She said clearly this is a global movement and if Colorado Springs can’t partake in this, then maybe she’ll have to move.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Caller said he is part of the Occupy movement and would like to sit down with the Mayor and have an intelligent conversation. He said in no way are they trying to give the Mayor a bad name and wants to prove they are good people.
Caller said he just learned that the Occupy meeting was cancelled. I explained that the Chief of Staff was willing and agreed to meet with Jason only. He said the Supreme Court law upheld peaceful assemblies and local government should not upride that right but rather provide support for it. Asked for a return call.
Voice message saying he’s very concerned that we’re not allowing anybody in the meeting with Jason Warf about the Occupy Colorado Springs movement in regard to the park as a public space for public protest regarding free speech. Personally, as a citizen, I demand that this conversation between the Mayor, Chief of Staff, and hopefully both of you together with Jason Warf be recorded and shared with the public. This is outrageous that you are a public service and not abiding by simple fundamental principles of our law. Thank you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Called to encourage the Mayor to meet with the Occupy Wall Street group and give them a permit. I told her a permit had been issued and she said, “I don’t know — they just told me to call the Mayor’s Office to get support.”

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Voice message calling to express her disappointment in the way the protesters in Acacia Park are being handled. Thinks it’s pretty sad that a permit was given to them for the amount of money that it was given to them and for the time allotted there. Within this permit she understands that they were told they cannot sleep in the park, but they can sleep in a pop-up tent, which is kind of crazy and doesn’t seem to make much sense. Also, as far as she’s concerned and she has several high-dollar items that she needs to purchase from downtown businesses, but has no intention of coming downtown to buy these items as long as protesters are allowed to hang around unlawfully in Acacia Park. Thank you in advance for taking care of this matter.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Called and left a message that she called initially when the protesters set up and said she wouldn’t have been afraid to walk through the park. She said she went by the park yesterday and noticed that it has expanded and much more scraggly looking and would be afraid to walk through the park today. She’s not happy that they are there and doesn’t think it helps our image. She doesn’t think the permit should be renewed when it’s up.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Voice message saying the reason he is calling is to say that you have one more supporter to get rid of this protest down in Acacia Park. Asked a few simple questions this morning was cussed at and was told that basically all people that have small businesses are bad and that we are going to have to become a socialist society. It was unbelievable what I heard and experienced and those people just need to get off the corner. The other option is that maybe we could start at open dialog. Maybe we could get some of them to come to the table and have an open dialog about what it is to be a small business downtown and to have people tell us that we are bad because we get up and go to work each day. Let’s try to get an open critical thinking dialog going and get this on t.v. so we can get these tough questions answered and not have these guys out here doing some of the things they did this morning. It was disgusting. A further comment would be…well, I’ll just wait and see if you call me back because I‘m just wasting your phone space, but I’m a little upset with those guys — they need to go. Maybe a dialog would be part of the solution. NOTE: Returned call and explained that we are tracking these calls on the Occupy Movement and that we have provided the group with a permit through Nov 20. He said he certainly hopes the City won’t consider renewing the permit as the group has become increasingly aggressive. He said they cussed at him today when he asked them what their purpose was. He said he is 110% not in support of this movement. He said he overheard the protesters saying that they wear metal belts so they can lean on the police cars and scratch them. He still thinks an open dialog would be a good idea.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Caller said she is a citizen and a taxpayer and cannot believe the Mayor has allowed the Occupy movement to go on so long. I advised that they were given a permit through Nov 20. She said it is ridiculous that we chase the homeless away and allow those people to camp in our parks and sidewalks. She said she is all for freedom of speech, but they should go home in the evening and come back during the day to carry their signs. She said they are costing taxpayers money. She said it is going on too long and living there is wrong. She asked what kind of people they are that they don’t have jobs and can hang out in the park all day and night. She said the Mayor needs to be reminded that he will be up for reelection one day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Caller said she has been a property owner in Colorado Springs since 1970 and feels that the Occupy movement is out of line and have been there too long. Citizens pay for use of City parks with tax dollars and the Occupiers are getting more advantage than the Tea Party people that stay for a short time and leave and everything is clean and quiet again. There are also traffic problems coming from any direction that has to pass Acacia Park creating a potential hazard.
Caller said she really appreciates the Occupy group at Acacia Park. Said she thinks they are doing a good job and making a positive impact on the community.
Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Caller said she supports the Colorado Springs Occupy movement and hopes that the Mayor’s Office will do the same.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Voice message saying he was calling to express his hope that we will continue to allow the protesters to renew their permit for their ability to protest and maybe even to put some more tents down there because it gets crowded at times. Thank you very much.

Caller said he wanted to compliment the Mayor on doing a good job in handling the Occupy protesters. He said if they want to hang out with a permit, then that’s fine — it’s better than pepper-spraying them.

Caller owns a downtown business and said their sales have subsided dramatically since the Occupiers in Acacia Park. He said his customers have complained that they are apprehensive about coming downtown and having to park by the Occupiers. He said he doesn’t think it’s all related to the economy, but more because of the people on the street corners. He said he had a customer over the weekend that told him that if the Occupiers were still there by Christmas, he didn’t feel it was appropriate to bring his family downtown. He said people have asked him why they are being allowed to stay there. He said he has been approached by the Occupiers and said he always goes around to avoid being approached. He said it’s always been a battle against downtown issues with the homeless, drunks, etc., and now we have the protesters on the corner. He said the last couple of months he has seen a drastic drop in sales because of the Acacia Park thing and it causes him concern. He said downtown is not a nice environment for people to shop anymore.

Caller asked when the City was going to have the Occupiers obey the law and get out of the park at night. She thinks it is disgusting that there is a law and we are not enforcing it. She said taxpayers pay for that park and don’t even feel safe going there.

Caller said he is in support of the Occupy Colorado Springs to renew their permit and thinks they have really been a model for the Occupy movement. They have contributed to downtown by supporting local businesses and are a role model for the movement in comparison to what other cities are doing. The Colorado Springs group is committed to being there with integrity and are very well put together. He supports them being there for a year, which is what he thinks they are asking for.

Caller said he has concerns about the Occupy group and hopes that their permit is not renewed. He has a downtown business and used to go to the park at lunchtime. He said he wouldn’t go there now because of the atrocities and things he has seen going on in the park. He said he was cussed at because he is a small business owner. He said he heard them chewing out the Subway Shop manager and then asking him if they can use his bathroom in the next breath. He said they are using foul and aggressive behavior to anyone who doesn’t agree with what they are doing. He said he has a lot of concerns and the way they are going about it is wrong. He said sometimes it is quiet, but most of the time it is nasty.

Voice message saying she is a tax paying citizen and would like the Mayor to extend the permit for the Occupy people at Acacia Park. She thinks it would behoove us to have a peaceful movement at the park and asks that the Mayor please extend their permit.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caller wanted to speak with the Mayor. I said he was unavailable and he said he could wait until he was available. I asked what it was regarding and he said he is very much against the Occupy Colorado Springs movement and is aghast at what is going on. I told him the Mayor would not be able to return his call and explained that he cannot personally respond to every citizen that calls, but that I was keeping track of the phone calls on that subject and would be happy to include his information. He got very angry and asked for my name and said I shouldn’t be telling the people that voted for the Mayor and pay his salary that he won’t call them. I again told him I would be happy to take down his information and he said he has been in COS since the 1940s, born in 1955, went through the school system here, and is amazed at what is going on downtown with the City allowing these people to camp in the park.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Voice message saying she is a registered voter in Colorado Springs and would like the Mayor to renew the permit for the Occupiers in Acacia Park for a full year.

Caller said she is in favor of the protesters in the park and hopes that the Mayor renews the permit. She said she isn’t a part of the movement, but is a voter and believes democracy and the right to protest and civic action.

Voice message saying she is curious if the Occupy permit has been reissued and said she is in full support of it and requested a call back.

Voice message saying he’s a Colorado Springs resident and would like us not to renew the Occupy permit. He said you can see that they have violated the permit that we have permitted them to have and they are a danger on the corner because their tents don’t even hold up to the winds that we have and appreciates us not renewing the permit.

Voice message regarding extending the permit for Occupy at Acacia Park and is asking for the Mayor’s support.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Voice message saying he is a citizen of Colorado Springs and was reading in the paper that people expect to occupy his park for eleven more months. It’s time to return the park to the people and not a special interest group. Thank you very much.

Voice message asking that we please give the Acacia Park protesters a one-year permit. In the interest of disclosure, she does not know any of them personally or professionally, but if they are saying something democratic, they should have a one-year permit. Give them a voice. There is no reason to call back, just give them a one-year permit. Thank you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Voice message saying she believes that the people at Acacia Park, we need to not have them there and we should deny them to camp there and everything. Said she is a voter and voted for Steve Bach and she believes he will do the right thing, but just thinks we need to have them move and that is not a campground. Thank you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Voice message saying she is a concerned citizen and wants to urge you to please let the occupiers stay where they are and don’t let the police go raid them because they have a freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly. Please do the right thing.

Voice message saying he wants a call back immediately as to why he was told on Friday that we didn’t know anything about whether this permit was expired or not. That was a blatant lie. Said this is going to the press first thing and is also going to court. We’re fed up — this is absurd. It was very underhanded what you did to us so I will see you in court. I expect a call back within the next three hours. I imagine you’re not open yet, so by 10am your time, I expect a call back.

Caller said that the Mayor not saying yes or no to the permit and not being available all day Friday says a lot about his character as an elected official. He said the Occupy movement would have eventually petered out and said they were going to do something to support the downtown merchants. Said the Mayor took the cowardly way out. He said that the City is lucky to have me because I am accurate and listen to people’s concerns.

Voice message saying he just wanted to call the Mayor’s Office to thank him for not renewing the permit for those folks on the corner of Bijou and Tejon and said he is very happy about that. He also noticed there is more police presence downtown and a couple of officers walking the streets and he appreciates that as well. Please let Mayor Bach know that there are people who appreciate what he has done and he thanks him very much.

Voice message from a citizen who just got done standing over there by the Occupy protest and some of the stuff he heard was very disturbing, especially concerning Mayor Bach. He would love to have someone contact him so he can give some information on what was said over there. He does not want his name mentioned about this, please.

Voice message calling about the occupiers and understands that the Mayor’s Office cleared them out, which is good, and she’s glad they did because they can’t take over. They have to obey the law and the taxpayers are the ones paying the bills for the police protection and everything — not the occupiers that are doing that, so I’m glad. I understand they are cleared out and I’m glad. Keep up the good work, Mr. Mayor.

Caller said he just wanted to thank the Mayor for having brains and getting things rolling for us…it’s nice to have a Mayor that knows what he’s doing with the Park thing.

Voice message saying she called over the weekend saying the Occupy people should be given an extension. They are exercising their democratic rights. I’ve stopped by there and they are a lot of serious, young people. They are educated and know what they are talking about so this is something that needs to be dealt with democratically and I don’t think they should be made to move. Thank you.

Voice message saying “Hey, Steve boy, people do not need permits to protest under a constitutional republic, which is what this country may have once had but now it’s been turned into a stinking, fearful homeland and people are walking around blaming hijackers for damages that could not have possibly been caused by airliners and all of the whores (?) who infest Congress are more beholden to the lies of the national security states than they are loyal to the constitution and we the people. Where do you fit into that, Steve boy? You can just deny a permit and everything is better and the protest goes away? (Laughs.) Steve, you actually surprised me and seemed to behave in a fairly enlightened manner until now, but you’re losing me, boy. You’re losin’ it — we’re all losin’ it — the whole plan is going down the tubes. Sorry you seem to be willing to go along with the nonsense that has people believing that the great evil leads to great energy and the humongous energy surplus at Ground Zero which has been unaddressed, unrecognized and undiscussed must have just been caused by hatefulness or something. Sorry, bubb, strong emotions are not enough to bend the laws of physics and if you remain permanently mind-fucked by 9-11. Perhaps we need to sit down and talk someday and you can behave in a more sane manner, Steve.

Voice message from same caller above saying it is vital for the Mayor’s education that he hear this message. Hey, Steve, do you know what you have when you have a system that is of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations? The Occupy protesters don’t know what it’s called — they just know that it is wrong and is not by and for the people. What it’s actually called, and don’t hold your breath waiting for the corporations that feed us our big news and print us our textbooks to provide us with such a handy label, what’s it’s called when you have a system that is by and for the corporations is fascism— are you a fascist, Steve? Do you want to disagree with the definition, or just deny it, or live in denial yourself? Steve, a system of by and for the corporations is a fascist system; it is a very strong and powerful form of government and doesn’t serve the constitution or we the people — it serves shareholders. The bottom line is lack of conscience, lack of humanity, lack of empathy. Is that the kind of City you want, Steve?

Voice message asking if the Mayor would like to address these blatant lies that are coming out from you guys to the media. Number one, let’s just start there, you said there were no formal complaints and that you had received both positive and negative calls. Number two, Lt. Rickdon said in a conversation which is recorded, that police calls were cut in half since we’ve been there, so if you’d like to keep lying, then I guess we’ll just continue this on to court because that is the route you guys are choosing to take and that is the route they are taking. I expect to hear back from you. I am a taxpayer, you are a public official, and the Mayor needs to get off his high-horse and quit lying. Either way one of the next calls you get will be from our attorney and we’ll see you in court. I hope you enjoyed your Homeless Ordinance and I hope you can justify spending taxpayer money in court on this. Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Voice message said that she is calling, as many others are I’m sure, about the Occupiers and I just hope that our tax money doesn’t have to go on for having to clean up behind a bunch of indigents. I don’t care how much money they’ve got and how many iPads and the rest of it that they have. I just think it’s wrong and I hope that today’s choice tells them to go away because I don’t think they have a right to infringe on our rights. I know socialists don’t think that way, but I do. I’m not a socialist. Please let those people go out in the country and set themselves up if they’ve got to do something like that, but I don’t think they’ll do that. Thank you so much for your time and for listening. I appreciate it.

Took a call from a citizen who preferred not to leave a name, but said she just wanted to thank the Mayor for cleaning up that mess downtown and that enough is enough. Said it was a disgrace and she and her friends appreciate the Mayor for cleaning it up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Voice message saying he’s a small business owner downtown and would appreciate a call back. Said he really appreciates what the Mayor did in not renewing the permit for the Occupy Wall Street people on the corner by Acacia Park and said that was a big improvement. Just wanted to let us know that the protesters are still cussing people out and are meaner than ever and would like to discuss it with us. He said they’re getting pretty aggressive and mean down there. Returned call and he again said that they were getting aggressive and mean. He said he just spoke with two police officers that will be patrolling downtown and he’s very happy about that. He said he typically avoids the Bijou/Tejon corner because of the protesters, but the light happened to hit when he got there so he walked over the corner by the protesters. He said they were trying to talk to him and he kept on walking and they started cussing him out and after he cleared the area, he heard them cussing out another man that was behind him. He said later a customer came into his business and told him that he had also gotten cussed at. He asked if there was a possibility of having a Public Forum for business owners, etc., to discuss the “bozos” downtown.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Caller wanted to give thanks for “you all” clearing out the protesters. Said she wants to thank the Mayor and his staff for taking that stand and doing such a good job so far. Glad you’re there. Again wants to give her thanks for your initiative on that. No need to call her back, but wanted to say “God bless you all” and she hopes that God continues to lead and guide you.

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