Pot's bringing sexy back, but not everyone's happy about it



There was more than medicine at last years Rocky Mountain Cannabis Convention.
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  • There was more than medicine at last year's Rocky Mountain Cannabis Convention.

The Sacramento Bee today brings us a tale of the eternal sex-in-advertising dilemma. This time, though, it's about more than family decency, etc. It's about changing the image of marijuana as a medicine.

Most medical marijuana dispensaries refrain from suggestive advertising — and some even feature multiple sclerosis patients or car accident victims who use cannabis for chronic pain.

But the California Organic Collective dispensary in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley touts bikini-clad counter attendants in ads that depict a buxom nurse holding a red, nipple-shaped stethoscope to her breast.

The Reserve dispensary in Sacramento County employed a model in a metal-studded brassiere and Old West gun belt to promote a super-potent "Green Ribbon" strain packing 25 percent of marijuana's psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

Though the article's centered around California businesses, it's a debated topic in these parts as well. Though the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council has generally successfully pressured Springs centers into not using so-called booth babes at local conventions or in their advertising, at Denver conventions it's a much different story. Westword's William Breathes looked at just one such occurrence:

What does a skeezy beauty pageant, and "hot ass" and "best orgasm" contests have to do with medical marijuana? Nothing. But for some reason all three are events were listed as contests as recently as Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming HempCon convention.

So what do you think: Should T-and-A help pitch THC, or do you want just the facts, ma'am?

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