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We first spoke with Chris Sedgwick last year, when the oil painter joined Mountain Living Studio. Sedgwick's highly detailed, beautifully executed paintings drew from such inspirations as the Northern Renaissance, Rosicrucianism, Christian mysticism, sacred geometry and the writings of Joseph Campbell.

Sadly for us, Sedgwick is no longer showing around here. He needed all of his works for a traveling show that went through Philadelphia and Asheville, N.C. and he wants to concentrate on showing in Denver. He's now showing at Robischon Gallery there (in the star-studded company of Jessica Stockholder and John McEnroe currently).

But Sedgwick was kind enough to share some of his newer works. The first is on display in Asheville, the second and third at Robischon Gallery. Enjoy:

The Three Mythographers
  • Chris Sedgwick
  • "The Three Mythographers"

The Inner Sunset

The Geometer

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