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You're going to drunk-dial somebody — it's never a question of if, only when — and it's not gonna be pretty. I mean, is it ever? Have you ever thought "Oh God, I'm fucking hammered! Where's my phone?" and it not meant had it not lead to some over-shared details and more than a few morning cringes?

Of course not.

So Colorado Springs residents Kevin Giger and Heather Stewart are here to help. The pair created to act as a free receptacle for all those liquid-driven thoughts swirling 'round your head, seeking release.

"The idea is to let people drunk dial and text message us and put that on the site. People will want to hear messages as they are funny," writes GIger in response to an e-mail I sent after their Twitter-follow appeared in my inbox. "I had a drunk dial hotline in St Louis about 5 years ago and took off like crazy. About 5000 recordings and about 2-3 appearances with site traffic of thousands of hits a day."

A recent call exhibits a slurred individual questioning if they've called the right number, because the person in question's "hella drunk."

Profession-wise, GIger offers computer repair at during the day, while Stewart works as a server. Leaving those jobs to work the new site, which might launch in Denver in the near future, isn't out of the question either.

"The business side once the name and popularity us established would be to have appearances at bars where we put on shows with music and giving away tshirts and prizes," he writes. "So far since launching today we have a few hundred hits and I anticipate response will be good once the word gets out."

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