A little love for Colorado distillers




Last Friday, the New York Times Magazine supplement T shined a little national light on the distillers doing God's work in Colorado.

Besides mentions of Boulder Distillery, Peach Street Distillers and Leopold Bros., the Times reported on our own coming contribution to the scene.

Michael Myers, a photographer turned distiller who lived in New York until 9/11, had one of his old copper photogravure plates welded into his still in Colorado Springs — etched side facing in — in order to leach out more flavor for his whiskey. ...

Distillery 291: Michael Myers, a photographer who moved to Colorado Springs from New York after 9/11, makes aged whiskey and “white dog” whiskey — a fresher, unaged version — in a copper still welded with one of his old photogravure plates. Taste his products at the Blue Star in Colorado Springs, 1645 South Tejon Street (719-632-1086).

Our Matthew Schniper first broke the news of Distillery 291's opening here, and later blogged a bit more on the copper styling of Myers' stills.

What's most cool about Myers' pot still, as touched on in the Side Dish blurb, is that with the help of Colorado Springs craftspeople, he had it welded and formed out of copper photogravure plates which he'd used to print photography for an art show shortly after 911.

The most recognizable photographer for the photogravure technique is probably Edward S. Curtis, and Myers worked with a modern New York photographer named Lothar Osterburg, who he calls "phenomenal" for his show.

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