Nasty scene in Acacia Park


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It appears that there was an assault in Acacia Park on Sunday.

The details are still sketchy. Sunday night, the Occupy Colorado Springs Facebook page linked to footage shot by an anti-protester, who goes by the name mclean197001 on YouTube.

In the video, mclean197001, who's apparently known as Mr. Clean, is arguing with protesters when an agitated man approaches, shouting at him. "Excuse me, do you like your fucking equipment, bitch? Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here, bitch." He then appears to smack the camera out of Mr. Clean's hands.

In a second video, it appears the scuffle briefly resumed.

According to Barbara Miller with the Colorado Springs Police Department, there has not been a report of an assault at Acacia. A YouTube message with questions for Mr. Clean has not been answered.

AJ Bridgewater, a member of OCS, says Monday that the attacks, though dramatic on video, were just minor scuffles. He adds that Mr. Clean "was laughing the whole time ... and said, 'This is exactly what I need to shut you guys down.' "

The attacker isn't a regular at OCS, says Bridgewater. Others at the protest Monday morning agreed, stating that either they'd never seen him before, or that they had seen him once or twice before.

The man who attacked Mr. Clean, many say, is in no way affiliated with the Occupy scene — a claim that has been used in the past against others who caused unwanted police attention.

Mr. Clean, however, has had quite a presence at OCS. As Bridgewater describes, he makes near daily visits in which he "threatens and provokes."

In a video named "Halloween" and uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 14, it is made clear that he and the protesters have a familiar, contentious, and often juvenile relationship. In this video, Mr. Clean refuses to address the protesters directly, instead making critical asides to his camera while some of the occupiers try to engage him in conversation and others are more irritated, making numerous references to him being cowardly and a bitch, and his "threatening people's children" (likely a reference to this video, in which it looks like he greets the crowd of protesters by flipping them off. And at least one of the people in the crowd of protesters was a child.)

Here's the video of Sunday's alleged attack, which begins around 1:45 p.m. And yeah, the video was uploaded to YouTube sideways for whatever reason:


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