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The El Paso County Republicans are incapable of throwing a par-tay, even in honor of the greatest Republican who ever played father to a chimp, without kicking off some sort of internal squabble, protest, riot, flame war, or party purging.

Into the fray comes this latest missive:

Dear El Paso County Republicans,

There has been much controversy surrounding the Reagan Gala and its guest speaker Grover Norquist. It is my responsibility to investigate these matters and decide the best course of action as I fulfill my obligations as Vice-Chairman. It is also my duty to be honest and straight forward with the republicans that elected me.

After being presented with much information and conducting my own meticulous research I have decided that I cannot, in good conscience, attend the Reagan Gala on November 12th, 2011. I say this not to condemn our local party, but rather to affirm my own personal integrity. At best, Grover Norquist has too many leftist, radical Islamic ties that make him a poor choice to be honored at one of our events. In my opinion, his associations and dealings bring into question his commitment to our conservative ideals and beliefs.

I ask that all republicans do there own research and decide for themselves as to the appropriateness of attending this fundraising event. I also ask that all republicans continue to support our party whenever possible. Please also continue to volunteer and serve in positions of influence that help empower and strengthen our party.

Despite any differences that any of us may have, I ask that you join me in my commitment to defeating President Obama in 2012. In the end, I'm confident that this county, and its members, will pull together in order to insure a victory for our future republican nominee.

David Williams
El Paso County GOP Vice-Chairman

P.S. I will be traveling internationally on business and unable to immediately return any replies or responses. Please know that I will make an effort to respond to any questions, comments, or concerns as soon as possible.


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