'Weed, the People'



I love chart-icles almost as much as USA Today.

Here's one, assembled by Good magazine, that presents a look at marijuana legalization support nationwide — "a record half of Americans surveyed in 2011" — and then breaks down that support into a variety of segments. Turns out that 69 percent of liberals; 62 percent of those age 18 to 29; 55 percent of Western residents; and 51 percent of Eastern residents support legalization of the drug. (Suspiciously absent are the people in between those two areas, who either hate the idea of freewheeling marijuana use, or were deemed by the pollsters not to officially exist.)

The graphic also gives a look at the limits imposed by the various states that allow medical cannabis. Turns out our northwestern brethren have the most generous limits on the amount an individual can legally posses.

(Click to enlarge the below image. Click here to get an even larger version.)

  • Good/Column Five

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