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Bickering is to be expected, especially among a group of people who have been spending their days and nights standing outside, in the cold, for hours on end. It's no surprise that there have been some strong differences among the members of Occupy Colorado Springs, and that these differences have led to some heated arguments.

As we reported last week, some didn't see the need for the rules that others in the movement were trying to lay down.

This week, we followed up on the arrest of two protesters in Acacia Park, members of OCS depending only upon who you asked.

But this is all in the past, according to a press release we received today from Jason Warf, one of the two members of OCS who secured the 30-day revokable permit. In his release, Warf states that the two factions in the downtown protest have made amends, and will forgo bickering over the course of the protest and get back to highlighting the problems with our economy/government:

Occupy Colorado Springs is issuing a special press release to announce the re-unification of both parties OCS and Re-OCS. Jason Warf and Ryan Butler, two people pushed into the spotlight in this conflict have met several times to discuss disagreements and how we can move forward in unity for the good of the entire movement. There have also been many discussions amongst all Occupy participants on both sides in which the same consensus was reached.

One of the biggest positives in the Re-Occupy Movement is an open discussion that is currently taking place to work on any misconceptions that caused the division in the first place. This conversation gave people who had concerns and had not voiced them a different, open forum to express these views and concerns. The movement as a whole is coming to the conclusion that the focus needs to stay on the bigger issues. While we recognize there will always be differing opinions we feel these can be addressed internally and our energy is better concentrated in fighting the issues that the global movement as a whole sees as a problem.

In conclusion we encourage unity and respect amongst all participants in this global movement. As with all Occupations worldwide, OCS will have a few simple guidelines to which we adhere. These said guidelines will always be discussed, voted on, and we will come to a consensus as a group. We encourage everyone to listen to our conversation recorded today via podcast. It will be up this afternoon at podcastradioamerica.com. In addition, we are continuing to grow daily and encourage everyone to attend an event, have a conversation, and be a part of the 99%. Our next event is tomorrow, Agape Day- Love In Action. Join us for a day of speakers, music, yoga, and all kinds of family friendly activities. There will be an open forum meeting at 5PM followed by a general assembly at 7PM.

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