Video: Murs onstage and on target



When LA rapper Murs criticized the Oakland Police Department in last week's Indy interview, he was responding to the incident in which Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen, a former Marine, had his skull fractured by what was believed to be a tear-gas cannister fired at him point-blank.

But this weekend, the OPD was back in the news with an alleged assault of a second veteran, which you can read about here. Combine that with video of an apparently unthreatening cameraman being shot with a rubber bullet, and Murs' Indy commentary sounds downright prophetic:

"I think the Oakland Police Department has been notorious for being heavy-handed, even more so than the LAPD. And I don't know how they've gotten away with it for so long, going all the way back to the Panthers.

And in our age, with our icon 2Pac, you know, that's how he got his first big check, was a settlement from being beat up by the OPD when he was 15 or 16 years old. So of course, it's gonna be them who are the biggest idiots in responding to the Occupy movement."

On a happier note, Murs delivered a crowd-pleasing show at the Black Sheep last night, backed by a four-piece live band that included producer Ski-Beatz. The musician went light on tracks from his newest album (just three, by my count), although the incendiary "316 Ways" whipped the audience into a frenzy — never an easy thing to do on a Sunday night in Colorado Springs.

Here's my video of Murs working the crowd with a bass-heavy version of "Bad Man." (Note: Watch in 720 HD for best audio and image.)

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