Colorado: Hardest state to vote in?



  • Theresa Thompson

We in Colorado do love being exceptional.

However, being singled out for our restrictions on people's right to vote may seem less than complimentary. If you've been reading the Indy over the last year, than you know we've been critical of state and local laws and policies that prevent mail ballots from being sent to voters who are considered "inactive." That would be anyone who did not participate in the November 2010 election and hasn't voted since.

Being inactive isn't the same as being unregistered. In fact, across Colorado registered voters are failing to receive ballots in their mail, sometimes in mail-ballot-only elections. If they want to vote, they have to go through a process to become "active" again.

This isn't just absurd. It's exceptional. The Huffington Post has begun researching "inactive" voter laws. So far, it looks like Colorado is one of the most restrictive states, if not the most restrictive. Read more here.

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