D-11 to open Choice window



Starting Nov. 1, parents in and around Colorado Springs School District 11 will have the opportunity to enroll their kids in any school in the district.

For anyone unfamiliar with the district's Choice Enrollment program, according to the D-11 website: "Choice Open Enrollment is an opportunity to apply for enrollment in a District 11 school outside of a student’s assigned attendance area. Both in-district and out-of-district students are eligible to apply."

This window will remain open until Feb. 15.

Not interested in D-11? Every local district provides this service with slight variations, so this would be the right time to check out the district in which you're interested.

For more information on D-11, you can call 520-2297, or visit the district's FAQ webpage. It includes information such as:

• What is Choice? Is this different than a permit?

No. In Feburay 2010 new language was adopted to align with state law. The Choice Open Enrollment process replaced the process previously known as the permit process.

• What is the process for applying for Choice?

An “Choice Open Enrollment Application” is completed by the student’s parent/guardian and submitted to the principal’s office at the school the student wishes to attend. Application forms are available in every school building, at the central Enrollment Office and on this website.

• How are Choice Open Enrollment Applications approved?

Each school evaluates their capacity to serve students requesting enrollment through the Open Enrollment Choice option. According to state law, Choice applications can only be denied if:

There is lack of space or teaching staff,

The school does not offer a requested or appropriate program to meet the needs of the student,

The student does not meet established eligibility criteria for participation in a particular program (e.g., age requirements, course prerequisites), or,

The student is currently expelled, has been expelled in the preceding 12 months, or has been expelled as a habitually disruptive student or for a serious violation.

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