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Pretty, isnt it?
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  • Pretty, isn't it?

Every day, on my way to work, I look out my window and see the morning sky over Garden of the Gods.

It's a nice way to remind myself how lucky I am, and how lucky all us locals are, to live in such a beautiful place. But here's the thing: For being a local, I have very little knowledge of how our landscape formed. Oh sure, I tell all our visiting family and friends that it was under the ocean once. And I can point out the most famous formations. But beyond that? Nothin'.

It's possible, I guess, that I'm the only person in town who hasn't bothered to learn this history, but I'm guessing I'm not. So for those of you who want to cure your ignorance, I've got news for you: free tours.

Read on:

Lunch & a Look at the Garden

Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center will continue the popular Lunch & a Look at the Garden program. Each Tuesday in November a free weekly presentation about Garden of the Gods will be scheduled in the Red Rocks Room at 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch in the scenic café (at participants’ expense) and continuing conversation about the topic offered.
Reservations: 719-219-0108.

November 1 — Rock Art
Pat Williams, Education Chairperson Pikes Peak Chapter Colo. Archaeological Society

November 8 - Places You’ve Always Seen…and Never Noticed
Paul deBergeois, professional photographer

November 15 - Wildlife in the Park
Bret Tennis, Garden of the Gods Lead Naturalist

November 22 - General Palmer and the Civil War
Ken and Jan Hardison, Garden of the Gods volunteers & Palmer experts

November 29 - A Reading Circle circa 1909
Susan Fletcher, Glen Eyrie historian

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