Prop 103 goes prime time


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Lo and behold, the supporters of Proposition 103, which would add billions to the state's education funds through tax increases, have found some money to run an ad on TV.

In a Prop 103 story we ran a few weeks ago, Sen. Rollie Heath, the measure's author, said that TV wasn't the goal.

"We've raised enough money to do what we are going to do. This is not a television campaign. This is not a high-budget campaign," he says. "We're relying on grassroots support of people who care about education. ... This is not going to be a lot of glitz."

So, this has changed.

If you've been reading our emails or if you've heard us speak, you know we've been saying that the "Yes on Proposition 103" campaign wouldn't have enough money to buy TV ads.

We're happy to tell you that it turns out we were wrong.

Prop 103 is on the ballot because of the hundreds of volunteers around the state who gathered thousands of signatures. Now, Prop 103 is on TV because grassroots action and support gave this campaign undeniable momentum — enough so that many community leaders have stepped up to put Prop 103 on the air.

Make no mistake, though: while TV is a huge boost, it's no substitute for grassroots action. It's still up to us to get Prop 103 over the finish line.

Ballots are now in the hands of voters. Now is the time to tell your friends, colleagues, fellow parents and grandparents, and Facebook friends to vote YES on Proposition 103.

Why vote yes on Proposition 103? Because our kids, our communities and our economy can't afford a fourth year of short-sighted, irresponsible cuts to education. Proposition 103 is the only thing standing between Colorado students and $200-400 million in more cuts to schools, colleges and universities.

To learn more about Proposition 103, visit our summary page, which includes a PowerPoint and links to our FAQs and stories about the impact of cuts on Colorado's students.

To take action for Proposition 103, you can start contacting voters from your own home right now or you can check out our volunteer information page for details about Great Ed Action volunteer office hours and other easy ways to help Proposition 103 pass!

Proposition 103 is our last chance to prevent cuts next year so it's urgent that we get every public education supporter in Colorado to vote YES! Please do all you can in these last two weeks: forward this email, volunteer, talk to friends and remind them to mail in their ballots by October 28 or turn them in at an authorized location by November 1!

Our kids can't wait!


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