Even this cop wants to legalize marijuana...



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Or so the latest mailer from marijuana advocacy group Citizens for Responsible Legalization would have you believe. (See previous efforts and more information here and here.)

In the shape of a manila folder, the ad opens up to a two-page spread, with a letter from "Tony Ryan, Lt. Denver Police Dept. (RET)."

"Dear neighbor," it starts. "As a former police officer, it was my job to protect the community, and it was a job I took very seriously. Several years into my career, I started to notice something. We were spending large amounts of time arresting and booking adults in possession of small amounts of marijuana, while the real criminals, drug dealers and drug cartels, got away — taking over our streets and selling to kids."

Naturally, this caused the retired lieutenant to join CFRL, as "these guys are on to something." (A tough-minded cop like Tony, as evidenced by his black-and-white photo, would hold a topic to no lesser a standard.)

The second page has the usual tax revenue pitch that the campaign has been pushing with it's other ads. So instead of reading that, why don't you just view a man that looks nothing like Tony's picture in action, below?

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