Beer cocktails cometh



We'll be discussing Monument Beer Week in this week's Indy tomorrow, but I'd like to focus here on one of those nights in particular:

Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 5 to 9 p.m., catch a special Beer Cocktail Night at Pikes Peak Brewing Co.

If you haven't heard (and you probably haven't, since Colorado and Colorado Springs in particular trends far behind big East and West coast cities), beer cocktails are gaining some traction on the drink scene. See this New York Times article for more on that.

If you attended this year's Craft Lager Festival, you may have sampled one there.

Wednesday's Beer Cocktail Night will be hosted by the brewery in collaboration with Boulder Distillery, made up of Rob's Mountain Gin and Viezbicke 303 Vodka.


Monument resident Rob Masters of Rob's Mountain Gin says this event will be the first of its kind in Southern Colorado, featuring four Pikes Peak Brewing ales mixed with Boulder Distillery spirits.

Kindly, he's provided a menu:


You know what to do people: Go!

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