Gazette unveils its new restaurant critic




Today, Kate Jonuska introduced herself to the city as the Gazette's new restaurant critic, replacing "Nathaniel Glen."

Over the years, we've disagreed with a variety of moves made by the G and actual-critic Dave Philipps. From the decision to have him review under a pseudonym in the first place; to a very short-lived move to not write full negative reviews, but instead recommend other places; to Philipps' characterization of the local dining scene.

All this to say we're hopeful the coming of Jonuska, who's freelanced for the newspaper in the past, means good things for the daily's coverage of our burgeoning food scene.

Here's a snippet from the referenced announcement:

I am heart-crossed, pinky-sworn, humbly and deeply honored to have been chosen as the new Gazette restaurant critic, an anonymous secret eater representing everybody who has a mouth in the Pikes Peak region. My name is Kate Jonuska, and I’m a Colorado Springs native, born at Memorial. I’m a freelance writer, photographer, radio reporter and “tech enthusiast” (though I won’t flinch if you use the word geek.)

We know a few other things, via some scouring of the interwebs (and confirmed by Jonuska). The G's new critic is a 32-year-old married graduate of the University of Denver. She has experience ghost-writing long form pieces and producing radio spots for KRCC, and has written for Colorado Springs Style, in addition to her freelance work with the daily. She blogs, and tweets and tweets and Facebooks. (Though, prior to the creation of a public page, she denied our initial friend request with a saucy, "A gold star for tenacity. Nothing personal, dahling.")

Her first review should drop tomorrow online, and run in Friday's GO!.

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