Colorado Springs: Occupied by the 99 percent




I don't quite know what to make of the Occupy Wall Street and We Are the 99 Percent movements. On the one hand, I'm all about anybody actually doing anything in support of whatever it is that they want. On the other hand, I'm not sure the groups know what they want. Or at least, they all want different things. And when they trumpet their decentralization as a key component of the movement, it seems that won't be changing any time soon.

Like a dismissive Huffington Post blogger noted, it recalls the hippie-jam-band-protest in one episode of South Park.

Stan: Uh, excuse me. Excuse me, can I have your attention please? What are we doing? [the crowd quiets down] It's been nine days! Doesn't it seem like we should accomplish something?
A hippie: We're using the power of rock and roll to change the world! Woo! [the crowd cheers]
Stan: Maybe instead of complaining about corporations being selfish, we should look at ourselves. I mean, is there anything more selfish than doing nothing but getting high and listening to music all day long?
Singer: He's right. It's time for all of us to focus our energy and get this hippie jam into full swing.

Reading the posts on Occupy Colorado Springs' Facebook page doesn't do much to dispel this; one thread offers a wide range of reasons to protest, almost all of them different, ranging from strident to reasoned.

This is all, of course, not to say that there isn't something to protest — that there isn't something wrong with the nation's distribution of wealth, or campaign finance, or the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and its regulators. But the varying goals do seem a prime example of "a house divided."

Either way, the group's calling Acacia Park home, and doesn't seem likely to leave soon, so here are a few videos of the protestors being supplied, and of the protests themselves.

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