The Colorado marijuana legalization effort rolls on



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Coming on the heels of yesterday's blog about a TV campaign being tested in Colorado Springs by Citizens for Responsible Legalization, our associate editor received a large mailer at home today with a faux coffee stain on the envelope.

Inside is an expensive-looking, two-page glossy with facsimiles of a typed letter and lined notebook paper. It looks pretty slick.

The letter, from "Karen," apparently, starts "Dear Neighbor" and continues, "Let's talk about marijuana. I don't use it or like it. But the fact is, it's a $400 million industry in Colorado and we get no benefit. If we tax it, that's millions of dollars we could use to fund schools, law enforcement, and health care.

"A legalized, regulated marijuana industry has the potential to grow to $117 million in tax revenue and law enforcement savings in Colorado. So now I'm thinking about it. It's time to have a conversation about legalization. Let's talk."

The notebook paper contains hand-drawn smiley faces, as well as three notes on how marijuana would be regulated: "Stiff penalties for selling to minors; regulated from seed to sale; tough sobriety testing."

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