Trifecta Tuesday: Tonight's best music bets


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Thursday may still be the new Friday, but based on this week's musical offerings, Tuesday is coming on strong. Traditionally a weeknight so bereft of entertainment options that books on animal husbandry begin to look fascinating, tonight actually brings us three shows worthy of your attention.

On the east side of town at the Black Sheep, you can catch your favorite local metal band (according to this year's Indy Music Award voters), Malakai. It'll be sharing the stage with perennial touring headliners Kittie, the all-woman Canadian hellions who managed to survive playing this summer's Gathering of the Juggalos. Dirge Within and Diamond Plate round out the bill.

Over on the west side, you can head to the Loft and catch the Moondoggies (Indy interview here), a Seattle group whose brand of American owes a fair amount to the Band, Neil Young and Little Feat.

Or keep going and, when you hit Manitou, stop at the Ancient Mariner to see Oregon hellraisers Larry & His Flask, with two of the Springs' best local acts, Grant Sabin and Joe Johnson, opening the show.

Meanwhile, here's an official Kittie video, which apparently was recorded sometime after they lost their Ricola sponsorship.


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