City diverts 20 tons of garbage since Earth Day


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The City of Colorado Springs announced yesterday that since the April 22 launch of its downtown and city park recycling effort, via 150 trash/recycling bins, it has reclaimed 20 tons of recyclables.

Yes, you could say that the Indy is a proud supporter of the citys recycling efforts.
  • Yes, you could say that the Indy is a proud supporter of the city's recycling efforts.

According to a press release, that equates in "environmental equivalency factors" to:

· Saved 171 trees;
· Conserved 252,464 gallons of water;
· Taken 15 cars off the road;
· Saved 333,261 kilowatt hours of energy;
· Reduced oil consumption by 9,080 gallons; or
· Averted 58,376 pounds of greenhouse gas.

Waste Management is the company responsible for collections, while Greener Corners handles the advertising that funds the bins. The effort cost the city and taxpayers nothing, and in fact will pay the city a portion of sales revenues.

Greener Corners principal Aaron Klein started the company in 2008 in New Jersey, and currently oversees programs in New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, with new programs starting in 2012 in Ohio. He says to expect expanded recycling and trash points in Colorado Springs in the coming year as well.

Though he knows of some similar programs in other places, he says "no other company is focusing on the recycling, education, awareness and the tracking/results components of this. We are not an advertising company — we do maintain advertising to fund the program in its entirety so we can be self-sufficient and self-sustainable. We do need that revenue to fund the program. However, we’re a recycling company."


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