Saturday preview: Return of the Flobots



Flobots have gone through changes since we interviewed them in 2008, back when the Denver band's major-label debut had sold more than a quarter-million copies.

At the time, the group — which will play the Gallogly Events Center this coming Saturday at 8 p.m. — was riding high on the success of its "Handlebars" single, which, like most of the group's work, was both highly engaging and refreshingly political. After all, it's not every hit single that includes the line, "I can end the planet in a holocaust / In a holocaust / In a holocaust / In a holocaust / In a holocaust / In a holocaust."

"It's bizarre when you have little kids singing along to that," said Flobots singer-songwriter Jonny 5 in our Indy interview. "When I look at people at our show screaming along to those lines, I think maybe this is a way to get out that power-hungry aspect that maybe we all have in us. It's like, 'You know what? I'm capable of the worst things that humanity is capable of, and let me just release that fantasy or fear now, so I don't have to ever enact it.'"

Unfortunately, the band's follow-up proved commercially disappointing (at least from the label's perspective), and the band has, for the present at least, returned to its indie roots. But Flobots are still fiery performers, and with opening sets by emcee Kristine Flaherty (aka K.Flay) and seven-piece hip hop group Air Dubai opening, it should all add up to an incendiary evening.

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