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Bill Roy fields questions as David Williams and Sarah Anderson listen on.
  • Bill Roy fields questions as David Williams and Sarah Anderson listen on.

Monday night, the long-awaited (debated) meeting of the El Paso County Republican Party's executive committee took place, sort of.

Vice-chairman David Williams called the meeting to order, found that there weren't enough members present for a quorum, then closed the meeting.

What followed was a nearly two-hour discussion among the more than 30 Republicans who showed up, including party COO Bill Roy, former party chairwoman Kay Rendleman, County Commissioner Amy Lathen, party secretary Sarah Anderson, and other long-time party activists.

Not present was chairman Eli Bremer.

Williams sent out an e-mail Monday afternoon canceling the official meeting, stating that "I have been informed and assured that Chairman Bremer has agreed to place on the agenda for the meeting on September 26th discussions related to passing a properly balanced budget and Donor Advised Fund. Considering that these major topics will be addressed when Chairman Bremer is available, I feel it important at this juncture to avoid any unnecessary fights."

The next executive committee meeting is scheduled for Sept. 26.

This e-mail came after weeks of behind-the-scenes battling among Williams and Anderson, who both feel the meeting was called correctly, and Bremer, party attorney Rep. Bob Gardner, and some members of the executive committee who felt that the meeting was not called correctly, but called in part to undermine Bremer's authority.

State Rep. Larry Liston voiced this opinion in an e-mail to members of the executive committee, and called for the resignations of Williams and Anderson:

enough!!!!!!! I am disgusted and sickened by what is occurring in our local party and the
childish and disrespectful antics that our Party secretary and vice chairman are doing. This
Latest "call" for a special meeting is beyond the pale. After going through a gut wrenching
Meeting in July, where our secretary was STRONGLY admonished to be reasonable and
Clean up her act, she has now basically given the party and all of us the FINGER!!!! How
Disrespectful and insulting to all of us who sat through a four hour meeting and extended
An olive branch to her to come aboard and work with the local party. Now we even have the
Local vice chairman who is also calling for special, un-sanctioned meetings to basically
Torpedo the local Chairman and our party. Have you had enough of this boorish and
Malicious behavior? I for one have, and am calling on you as elected members of the
Executive Committee to join me in asking for our local party secretary and vice chairman
To RESIGN! In any other organization they would be asked to do so, or they would have the
Honor to do so themselves!!!!!
Their actions are tearing our local party apart and we all know it. This cannot continue in
Light of the upcoming 2012 elections. Too many of us have worked, toiled,sweated and
Bled for our party to see us all dragged through the mud by immature, selfish and narcissistic
people who have no one's interests at heart, except their own. Will you just stand by and
Watch while our party is destroyed from within, or will you do something about it? I urge
You NOT to attend the "meeting" called for by the vice chairman on Sept 12th, and to join me and others
In strongly asking them to resign. It is time that the adults and loyal Republicans reclaim our

This e-mail followed others, from House District 16 Republican Party chair Jody Richie and vice-chair Karon McCormick, Vickie Broerman, the House District 15 chair, Linda Shannon, and Bob Balink all announcing their planned absence for the meeting.

Richie, along with Liston, called for Anderson and Williams to resign, stating, "You both seem like honorable people. If you cannot support our elected leader, Chairman Eli Bremer, and in turn the EPCRP Central Committee who elected him as well as all El Paso Republicans who need your leadership and hard work, then please do the honorable thing and resign."

What these EC members missed was, at times, a frustrated gathering of Republicans leveling question after question at Roy about the party's new donor-advised fund. They also wanted to know why Anderson and Williams had been locked out of the party's database of registered Republicans, when at least Anderson needs access to perform her duties.

Many pointed out that they'd rather be asking these questions to Bremer, but find him inaccessible.

Roy stated that Anderson and Williams would remain locked out of the database until they sat down for mediation with Bremer and state party chairman Ryan Call. Anderson pointed out that she has no access because Bremer doesn't trust her.

For information about the DAF, you can read the proposal:



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