More on Colorado Springs MMJ patient Bob Crouse



On Friday, the Colorado Independent's Scot Kersgaard wrote about Colorado Springs medical marijuana patient, and leukemia sufferer, Bob Crouse, and his struggles with law enforcement. (See photos from the court house protest here.)

We're going to bring you more on Crouse's story in our Sept. 29 issue of ReLeaf, but here's a sample of the online newspaper's coverage in the meantime.

“I was just trying to grow the quantity of medicine I needed to medicate myself. I never had any intent to distribute,” Crouse told the Colorado Independent. “They think I was part of an underground network, but I think I was within my rights. They thought I was a criminal. I tell you it was real intimidating when they showed up with eight or ten agents. I’m a sixty-three-year-old leukemia patient fighting for the right to fight for my life.”

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