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Jim Bensberg

We haven't gotten a chance to look these over very closely yet, but here you go if it's your kinda thing.

The final versions reapportionment maps are out.

There are two versions of each the Senate and the House maps. One thing that jumps out at us when looking at the House maps is that in one, let's call that one the Democrat map, former County Commissioner Jim Bensberg remains exiled to Rep. Bob Gardner's 21st District. That's a tough spot for Bensberg, who, as we reported, has been officially been eying a run for the House since last December.

In the Republican map, Bensberg has been drawn back into his district, now called HD 14. His political future very much hangs on which of the maps wins out. From the Colorado Reapportionment Commission's website:

The plans below have been submitted for consideration by the commission members. The commission will review these plans at the September 12, 2011 commission meeting and will vote on a final plan during the September 19, 2011 commission meeting.

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