Another jail tent going up



El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa will add another tent-type affair, provided by Utah-based Sprung Instant Structures, to his Criminal Justice Center campus on East Las Vegas to house more people being held for detox.

Sheriff Maketas new sprung structure will look a lot like this picture from the vendors website.
  • Sheriff Maketa's new sprung structure will look a lot like this picture from the vendor's website.

County commissioners approved the $375,453 expense at Thursday's meeting. Maketa added the first one a couple of years ago after Pikes Peak Mental Health, now known as AspenPointe, stopped providing community detox services. This resulted in local emergency rooms, especially at city-owned Memorial Health System, being flooded with intoxicated people with nowhere else to go.

Maketa stepped up and erected a Sprung structure to house people needing to detoxify. Now he's adding another one.

According to agenda backup information:

In April of 2009, the BOCC approved a purchase order to Sprung Instant Structures for the
construction of the first tensile structure to be built at the CJC. The Sheriff’s Office wishes to build a
second tensile structure on the north end of the CJC using Sprung Instant Structures Inc.
There is no other provider for this type of structure that will meet the Sheriff’s Office specification that
addresses liability, architectural and climate concerns.
The second proposed tensile structure is being constructed specifically for the El Paso County
Community Detox Center and will provide detoxification services regardless of gender for up to 60
clients. The structure will be the same size as the first tensile building (70 ft x 160 ft) with a translucent
skylight that traverses the structure. The interior finish has been specifically designed for the Detox

We tried to find out more information from the Sheriff's Department but haven't heard back. If and when we do, we'll update.


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