Let me be the last to share my Craft Lager photos



Damn. Even the Focus on the Beer guy got his Craft Lager Festival blog up before me.

The most notable edition to this years festival was of course Colorado micro distilleries.
  • Matthew Schniper
  • The most notable edition to this year's festival was, of course, Colorado micro distilleries.

What can I say ... it's been a long hangover, since Aug. 13.

Not really, but I did actually wait to hear from festival president Julian Heron for some post-event attendance numbers and the like.

The sad news is that for the first time in nine years, not only did the festival fail to grow by around 40 percent, it actually shrunk by around 25 percent.

According to Heron's calculations, the festival saw around 3,000 attendees, down from last year's high of around 4,100. It's about enough to break even.

Heron says the economy could be a culprit behind the drop, but he also blames himself for perhaps not marketing enough this year. Ticket prices did also increase by $5 for Saturday's session, so some sticker shock could be involved.

When asked if he'd consider scaling back to a single day, Heron says the option is on the table — the brewers actually prefer it, he says. He's also considering launching a brewer's breakfast or some other type of special event for those willing to pay for a VIP experience.

"I like the feel of two days, myself," he says, adding, "We try to do the things that nobody else does."

So, back to my belated blog here. Here's a quick slideshow of the event through my lens. Cheers.

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