Finally! A condom revolution!



Um kids, you forgot something ...
Comedian David Cross once blamed the phenomenon on a modern-day Johnny Appleseed — some guy filling a bucket with used condoms, then driving around randomly sprinkling them all over the streets of New York.

But seriously. It does make you wonder. Given the places used condoms show up, you can't help but wonder: Did someone really do it right there? And did they have to leave the evidence on the street, for some incredibly unfortunate person to step in?

I bring this up because there's a condom bus currently traveling the country, promoting its wares. I know that the fact that the bus is plaid, that it's filled with people hawking rubbers, and that it's a socially conscious project that gives condoms to developing countries, should be what interests me.

It isn't.

Actually, what interests me is the fact that these particular condoms are biodegradable. That just makes me happy. Let's face it: Teenagers and perverts aren't going to start responsibly disposing of their old rubbers when they decide to do it in a bush on the side of a nature trail. And people like myself — who actually do pick up litter sometimes — sure as hell aren't cleaning that up for them.

Biodegradable. What a lovely solution. Bravo, Sir Richard's condoms, bravo.

Read about the tour here:

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