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There's a slight problem with engaging in the community in a discussion about how a city might face everything in its future.

It's a pretty big subject.

Plus, different people have different expertise and interests. Some might be interested in health issues for the community, others in roads and parking, and others in governance structure. What results is a fairly disjointed conversation.

And thus, Manitou Springs Forward — which is indeed trying to create a vision for everything in Manitou's future — thought that it might try creating focus groups.

What this means is that there's no excuse for not getting involved now. If you're a Manitoid, you care about your city, and you're pretty smart and inventive when it comes to at least one subject, you're wanted.

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Manitou Springs Forward: gathering data through focus groups

Focus group — A small group selected from a wider population and sampled, as by open discussion, for its members' opinions about or emotional response to a particular subject or area.

The all-volunteer Manitou Springs Forward steering committee continues its work gathering the data to develop the plan that Manitou Springs will use to make its decisions in terms of priorities, plans and funding.

Why go to the trouble of personal interviews, focus groups and community conversations? Would it be easier to assume people’s interests and priorities and make decisions for them when it comes to allocation of resources? Yes. Absolutely. But easier is not what this steering committee is after. Instead, the group is methodically, carefully and purposefully seeking out “lovers of Manitou Springs” in order to ensure that YOU are represented in terms of deciding how it is we want to live; what kind of a city Manitou Springs is, and how we see ourselves in the future.

Focus groups are being scheduled for the next eight weeks: choose a Tuesday or Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm at several locations around town. Sign up for a seat online at www.manitouspringsforward.org, or call Nicole at 719 243 6693. When you call in to reserve your seat, Nicole will tell you which location of your particular group. Locations vary by date.

Join the conversation. Be a part of making Manitou Springs the best place to live and play.

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