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What would Dagny do?
  • What would Dagny do?

Have you had your fill of local Republicans bickering with each other? Me neither.

So we're in luck.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, Eli Bremer, went on Grassroots Radio to discuss — what else? — the Republican party's tenuous relationship with its grassroots liberty movement.

Here's the link to Bremer's interview.

They tromp over some of the old ground that has been tromped for months: the controversy surrounding the state's new Health Care Exchange, the attempt to silence Sarah Anderson, the party's secretary, after she made a comment to the press, and on and on. If you know the history surrounding these controversies, check this out, the divide between Bremer and the "liberty movement" is pretty apparent. At one point, he stuns these otherwise wordy co-hosts into silence.

Bremer mentions that Rep. Bob Gardner has stepped into the role of party attorney after John Buckley stepped down for personal reasons. He even brings up this paper, which the hosts of Grassroots Radio sorta defend (which, you know, is kind of amazing).

There's a hilarious discussion about Dagny Taggart of Atlas Shrugged and whether or not Bremer thinks that she's a country-club Republican. It's the kind of navel-gazing debate that would convince Taggart, or any other Randian heroine, that most of mankind isn't worth the effort.

And now tonight, Anderson will be on the radio, apparently to offer a counter-point to some of the Bremer's arguments. She says that she'll also be discussing reapportionment, which we wrote about here.

You can hear Anderson discuss reapportionment and Bremer tonight at The Source.

And, mark it down on your calendars: on Saturday, Sept. 24, the state central committee of the Republican Party will be meeting at 9 a.m. here at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2886 South Circle Drive.

It appears that the controversies surrounding Anderson are on the agenda (the third bullet point, for us who don't speak politicalese).

The principal purposes of the meeting will be:

• To fix the delegate apportionment formula and delegate allocations for the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention and other higher assemblies;

• To consider and approve certain amendments to the Bylaws and Rules of the Colorado Republican State Central Committee and certain standing rules to govern the conduct of Republican precinct caucuses, assemblies and conventions, and the selection of delegates and alternates;

• To hear, pass upon and determine all controversies concerning the regularity of Party organization, and to resolve any and all other contests that may be presented to the State Central Committee for final determination; and

• To conduct any and all other such business as may be proposed by the Chairman, or may otherwise properly come before the Colorado Republican State Central Committee.

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