The Campus Pot Connection


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Coming on the heels of its "15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana," got in touch with the Indy to let us know they've released another infographic. This one grapples with the most unlikely, unheard-of pairing in civilized history: college students and pot.

It also skews a little more Reefer Madness-y.

• "It is very harmful — especially for students — because it causes: problems with learning; reduced short-term memory; altered sense of time; altered cognition; loss of coordination; psychological dependence."

• "Pot causes dependence and health problems. But it cannot lead to a fatal overdose. Regardless, it's considered dangerous since it can be a gateway drug."

• "Punishment for using marijuana in college varies by institution: Some will give you a verbal warning; at others you have to pay a fine; or you may face suspension."



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