Prediction: World Wide Web fad may become bigger than CB radio craze



Now that you know about the return of MTV's 120 Minutes, it's time to further stoke the flames of MTV nostalgia with this clip of the network's 1995 report on the futuristic phenomenon known as the "World Wide Web."

Bolstered by interviews with such web-savvy visionaries as Sandra Bullock, Newt Gingrich, Perry Farrell and "cyber-journalist" David Bennahum, the report includes '90s rapper Coolio extolling the virtues of the "information superhighway" and a narrator who declares it the highest-profile "big-deal technological fad" since "the CB radio boom of the 1970s" — which is, of course, followed by footage of a semi driver blurting "All right, that's a big 10-4" into his citizens' band radio.

Stretching the trucker metaphor just a bit more, MTV goes on to describe the Internet's "proliferation of special interest truckstops called 'websites' and the arrival of 'network browser programs' that make the whole thing, if not idiot-proof, at least user-friendly."

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