Lovecraft's Chtulhu coming to the Zodiac



Let's face it: Cthulhu loves all of us, but some less than others. For instance, the wrathful elder god of H.P. Lovecraft lore is reportedly displeased by nerds, mainly because they faint rather than struggle when he seizes them in his powerful tentacles. Takes all the fun out of it, really.

So the chances are probably slim that the Tentacled One will bother to crash this coming Sunday's "H.P. Lovecraft Themed Monthly Nerd Appreciation Night" at the Zodiac.

But you might. According to the Zodiac folks, Lovecraft-inspired dress is encouraged — "if you come in full costume there will be a free drink waiting for ya" — and H.P. Lovecraft movies will be playing on multiple screens throughout the evening.

Find full details at the event's Facebook page here.

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