UPDATED: Collective buying in question



In our June 16 cover feature, "Deal-a-meal," we ask the question, "Are collective buying sites good for restaurants?"


This is our unique query, limited to Groupon and LivingSocial, the industry leaders, and restaurants versus other merchants.

In the course of doing this story, we came across an abundance of pieces related to Groupon, and collective buying at-large, from journalists and bloggers across the country. A few were directly relevant to our story, and so we referenced them in it. Most, however, we wound up using just for background, before moving on.

Given the current fervor for all things collective buying, we thought it might be worthwhile to provide an (admittedly non-comprehensive) hub of links gathered in our reporting. You can peruse them for more perspective and opinion on these coupon sites, and comment with links to any articles you may have enjoyed that we've missed. We'll aim to update this post with fresh articles as they emerge.

• Oct. 1, The New York Times: Coupon Sites Are a Great Deal, but Not Always to Merchants.

• Sept. 28, AllThingsD: Groupon Rolls Out Loyalty Program to Try to Make Merchants Happier.

• Aug. 17, Willamette Week: Cheat Local! Portland helped make Groupon a giant. Here’s how local businesses get crushed.

• August Issue, Vanity Fair: Groupon Therapy.

• Aug. 4, Boulder Weekly: Some business owners say they lose money on Groupon and other deals.

• Aug. 2, Daily Finance: The Groupon backlash has begun.

• July 26, Poynter: Gannett targets Groupon with DealChicken.

• July 18, AllThingsD: AT&T Interactive takes on Groupon with YP.com daily deals.

• July 12, AllThingsD: Google Offers launches in New York and San Francisco.

• June 29, Mashable: Facebook Deals Expands to 3 More Cities.

• June 28, Gambit: Daily-deal sites: Good or bad for business?

• June 28, AllThingsD: The Death-Stare Stylings of Groupon’s Andrew Mason.

• June 27, The Denver Post: Growing masses of couponers saving cash.

• June 16, AllThingsD: More red flags for the daily deals market.

• June 16, TechCrunch: Former Groupon employee speaks out.

• June 15, TechCrunch: Daily deal providers violating consumer protection laws?

• June 14, USA Today: Groupon ignites ad dollars fight.

• June 13, TechCrunch: Why Groupon is poised for collapse.

• June 13, Business Insider: Gorillas among ants.

• June 13, AllThingsD: Groupon's IPO smackdown.

• June 11, TechCrunch: Why I Want Google Offers And The Entire Daily Deals Business To Die.

• June 10, Business Insider: Groupon chairman's checkered past.

• June 6, Fast Company: Are smaller daily deal sites doomed?

• June 3, The Wall Street Journal: Groupon's IPO mania.

• June 2, CNET: Amazon has daily deals too.

• June 2, TechCrunch: Moms take on Groupon.

• June 1, AllThingsD: Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's pre-IPO interview.

• May 31, AllThingsD: Google shows off its Groupon killer.

• May 26, Mashable: Groupon users question suspect offer.

• May 23, Fast Company: Groupon's social network problem.

• May 6, Fast Company: Facebook says it's not in competition with Groupon.

• May 4, Reuters: Grouponomics.

• April 25, ReadWriteWeb: Groupon doesn't stand a chance.

• April 25, The New York Times: Facebook to rival Groupon and LivingSocial.

• March 28, Gawker: The Groupon Backlash.

• March 23, Slate: how coupons could cripple merchants.

• March 17, Quora: Is Groupon good for business over the long term?

• Jan. 26, Mashable: Facebook tests group-buying prototype.

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