Phantom Canyon kills 15-year-old beer, debuts new




Because UCCS professor Eric Steen's Focus on the Beer blog is nothing if not on it, we bring you the word that it brought us: that Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. is discontinuing its cask-conditioned IPA.

The Phantom IPA at the brewery has been a cask beer for 15 years, and it's a beer that I order almost every time I'm there. The beer will no longer be available on cask after the last two casks sell out in the upstairs bar. Phantom has the best cask beers around, and at the cask festival at Bristol this year, I said Alan's beer (not the IPA) was best in show. So why remove such a popular beer from the menu, a beer that many Phantom fans will be quite upset to see disappear? Instead of the Phantom IPA, we'll see a new non-cask IPA called the Streamliner IPA.

The Streamliner is basically the same IPA, minus the cask. The verdict? "I believe, considering the style, the new Streamliner is a better beer," Steen writes. "It also proves to be slightly sweeter, the alcohol is more present, and the beer feels a lot heavier in general."

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