New nonprofit promotes buying, and growing, local



The grocery store is boring. Sure, there's a large selection of colorful fare, but it's largely processed and mass-produced. And let's face it, it never tastes as good as the stuff that comes from your own (or your neighbor's) backyard.

That's why Wendy Carson decided to start the Colorado Springs Community Alliance, a new local nonprofit focused on supporting the local economy. Their goal is "helping get locals and small businesses recognized in the community and give people a place to go to find local businesses over big boxes and stores," according to Carson.

"I'm furthering my reach by also completing community projects and things like that, especially focused on local food and local food resources," she said.

  • Barely Escape

The nonprofit stemmed from Barely Escape, a website devoted to helping people find local food and giving them information on growing their own food.

One goal of the Alliance is to bring the community together. They are kick-starting that idea by hosting a community potluck dinner with the Pikes Peak Community Cupboard on Sept. 25. The dinner is free and open to everyone. What Carson is hoping to accomplish with this is to "create a sense of community in a place where it's a non-obligatory and just happy gathering of people where we can start to get to know one another," she said, stressing that it is "absolutely not exclusionary."

Some food will be provided by local restaurants, but participants are also asked to bring a dish prepared with local food, though bringing a dish is not required to attend.

You can make a donation to help fund the dinner here. "Those who can give are, and those who can't give are still invited to come," said Carson.

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