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For anyone who's watched a roller derby bout in recent years, you've probably seen the flat-track version on some sort of auditorium floor. That's about to change. Missile Mountain Roller Derby Training and Events Center (7885 Red Granite Loop) will debut "Betsy," Colorado's first modern banked roller derby track (the type in the movie Whip It), from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday. All roller derby teams from the region are invited to try it out and participate in "Intro to the Banked Track" clinics taught by Josh "Mr. Awesome" Smith, Greg "Pitchit" Davis and Natalie "Alde Pantzue" Hanson.

This is what I think of when I think of roller derby.
  • This is what I think of when I think of roller derby.

The Missile Mountain traveling team will trek across the country to compete against the other 10 teams with banked tracks. It's difficult to compete against teams without these tracks, since training is required to use them.

"Flat-track skaters can't just jump right on and be awesome on it," says Nissa "Screamin' Alltheway" Ramirez. Bouts on the banked track tend to be faster and more exciting, she says. But at the same time, she adds, skaters are safer on this track than the old wooden ones: If a skater runs into the rail, "it moves a little bit, rather than just break you."

Participants in tomorrow's grand opening will also be able to stock of on derby gear from Derby Supply, as reps will be bringing their full inventory to try out. Non-skaters are welcome to come watch.

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