Party secretaries, unite!



  • Jeremy Keith

Tomorrow is the big day. I've got goosebumps.

At 5:30 p.m., the executive committee of the El Paso County Republican Party will be holding a special meeting to discuss personnel matters — the matters of Sarah Anderson and David Williams.

So it's the night before the big shoot-out. On the one end of the dirt road, we have the establishment lining up, and on the other, the grassroots. I am certain that the Republican Party is not enjoying this exposure of their internal strife, but it is certainly not the invention of this paper. These factions are very real, and very frustrated with the other. And tomorrow, one side is gonna have to win, because it is pretty clear neither wants to concede.

You can more about this division in tomorrow's issue of the Indy.

In the weeks since our cover story laid out the troubles between the grassroots and the establishment, Anderson, who is very much the center of this fight, has been inundated with advice, criticism and support.

Some of the most notable, and forceful words of encouragement, come from Douglas County GOP secretary Craig Steiner. He wrote in a blog post:

My hope is that the El Paso GOP will realize that its attempt at censoring party officers has made (negative) headlines nationwide. It's an embarrassment. It speaks poorly of the people that are advancing such censorship, it speaks poorly of the El Paso GOP, and it reflects badly on Republicans in general.

I hope that instead of further attacking Secretary Sarah Marie Anderson, the El Paso Executive Committee will pass a resolution apologizing for their treatment of Sarah and revoking the resolution they previously passed that attempted to silence her.

Further, El Paso should pass a resolution that asserts not only the right of the party officers, but of the entire Executive Committee to speak freely, openly, and publicly in support of legislation that furthers the party's principles and in opposition to legislation that does otherwise. Not only should the Executive Committee assert its right to do so, it should pledge that it will do so.

This is exactly what Sarah's been doing.

The scandal isn't that Sarah's been doing it, but that the rest of the Executive Committee hasn't.

If you'd like to turn out and show your support for Anderson, or if you'd like to show the opposite, you can turn out for the meeting. Keep in mind: According to a missive from the county chairman, Eli Bremer, the meeting will be open to "all Republicans registered in El Paso County."

We encourage all interested Republicans from El Paso County to attend and observe the proceedings. All attendees will sign in ahead of the meeting and wear name tags if applicable as well as comply with all rules set forth by the Executive Committee for the meeting. Registered Republicans from outside the county may request permission from the Executive Committee to attend the meeting. Approval of these special requests will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee.

Bremer goes on to state that "Media attendance will comply with the standing rules of the El Paso County Republican Party for public events. For questions or clarifications, please contact the El Paso County Republican Party spokesman Nathan Fisk."

I have done this, but have yet to hear back.

I'm gonna have this stuck in my head all night ...

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