Feeling gorgy? Here comes Gutfest!



I cant read this, either.
  • I can't read this, either.

Now that winter deep-freeze has completely given way to the summer doldrums, I think we can all agree that it’s time for two days of blistering sonic carnage.

Happily, Sunshine Studios has stepped up to the plate and is swinging for the fences. The Springs venue is gathering more than two dozen metal acts, ranging from Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Condemned Remains to Pleven, Bulgaria’s Enthrallent, to perform a series of rapid-fire sets this coming Friday and Saturday at the Foothills Gutfest III.

This year’s bands include, but are not limited to, Execration, Expurgate, Gorgy, Intestinal Alien Reflux, the Meat Shits — I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to detect a pattern here — Skinned, Fetus Heist, Sculpting Atrocity, Zombie Hate Brigade, Mouthful of Buckshot, Contagion Leukorrhea, and a bunch of others whose names are too repulsive to print. (Unlike the above.)

Need more info? Then click right here to start planning your fun-filled weekend festivities.

Meanwhile, here’s an awfully cute video to help put you in the mood.

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