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In a pre-holiday attempt to encourage folks to catch tonight's Blank Tape Circus at the Zodiac, this week's Reverb column stated something (exactly) like this:

Even if you're heading out of town, you should really stick around long enough to catch the Blank Tape Circus at the Zodiac this Friday. In addition to label founders the Haunted Windchimes, the evening will feature a set by Changing Colors as well as guest performances by Katey Sleeveless and Ian Cooke. (The circus returns to the same venue Saturday with the Jack Trades, Joe Johnson, It's True! and the Flumps.)

I should also add that, if you are going Friday, be sure to catch Ian Cooke's opening set. The Denver-based cellist follows in the tradition of experimental bow-slingers like Tom Cora and Arthur Russell, but with a little less moping and a lot more live looping. From the clips I've seen, Cooke can craft some beguilingly catchy art-pop, which is probably why he gets taken out on tour by artists like the Decemberists, the Dresden Dolls and Flaming Lips.

So here, thanks to the unlimited "multi-media" potential of the so-called "internet," is a pretty great clip of Cooke performing. Changing Colors/Blank Tape guy Conor Bourgal tells me Cooke will go on tonight around 9:30 p.m. You can also go to his site to download "The Race" remix project for free or donation.

Last but not least, scroll down further for a video from aforementioned art-cellist Arthur Russell, who will NOT be appearing tonight for a variety of reasons (one of which is him being dead).

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