Earth almost hit by asteroid



Space rocks: Scary stuff.
  • Howard Dickens
  • Space rocks: Scary stuff.

You know, I hate to be so dramatic with my headlines. I really do. But in this case, it's justified.

Yesterday, while everyone was busy reading about Michele Bachmann and Rod Blagojevich, an asteroid came within 7,500 feet miles of the Earth's surface, before slingshotting around Earth's atmosphere. You can read about it here.

The asteroid was closer to Earth than some satellites! Apparently, it wasn't that big (16 to 66 feet wide), and probably would have burned up before it had a chance to envelop humanity in flames. But still.

That's not all. In February, an asteroid came within 3,400 miles of the Earth's surface. That was the closest call humans have ever recorded.

Sort of seems like a big deal. Maybe even worth a few headlines. Not that the Bachmann story isn't hot and all. It just doesn't seem quite as hot as a molten fireball.

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