Cash Hyde: a 3-year-old MMJ patient



Cash and father.
  • Cash and father.

Yesterday, Scot Kersgaard at the Colorado Independent gave us the extensive tale of Cash Hyde, a 3-year-old medical marijuana patient who at one point was deaf and blind, and also hadn't eaten in some 40 days.

The report says that doctors thought it could be mononucleosis, "but he wasn’t responding to treatment. His eyes were bugging out, he wouldn’t eat, he was losing his vision."

Finally on May 3, 2010, his parents took him to the emergency room, where a CT Scan was ordered. Cash had stage 4 brain cancer with a 4.5 cm tumor on his brain, wrapping around optic nerves. He was rushed to a medivac plane and flown from his home in Montana to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. He had brain surgery on May 5. Surgeons were only able to remove about 10 percent of the tumor because it was growing around his optic nerves. After the surgery, the tumor grew to 4.7 cm. Six rounds of chemotherapy followed.

With the treatments almost as damaging as the cancer itself, Hyde's father consulted with the doctors about using marijuana, the report says. He was rejected out of hand, and thus made his own move.

The parents started giving the boy cannabis oil on their own, after the fifth round of chemo, sneaking it into the hospital and putting it in the boy’s feeding tube. He began getting better immediately.

Below is a video from KXLY in Spokane, Wash., detailing Hyde's story; check it out, and check out the Colorado Independent's take — it's worth a read.

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