Snakes on a Plane? Nope! Chickens on a bus



Baby chickens are super cute. They're even cuter when you put them in a photo with a dog.

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Actually, though, the chickens of concern today are not babies, but adolescents, and they need a home — in the form of a bus.

Grant Family Farms, which is a farm in Wellington that offers weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) deliveries in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Wyoming, Denver, Steamboat Springs and other surrounding communities, is looking for old school buses to house some chickens. Anyone with a bus for sale or donation should contact Andy. The bus does not need to run, it just needs tires and the ability to steer.

Buses are used rather than more traditional chicken coops because they are inexpensive, they look cool, and it's an easy way to rotate the chickens around the pasture for fresher greens and pasture recovery.

"It is a great way to recycle an otherwise useless bus and they are relatively less expensive than building a new barn — plus they are a lot of fun to look at, a whole fleet of painted buses in a field filled with happy chickens," says Grant Family Farms CSA business manager Sari Schauer.

One of the buses in action.
  • Grant Family Farms
  • One of the buses in action.

When the farm gets its new buses, they will be holding a bus painting party on June 25 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Those interested in putting some artistic talent to use on a few sweet school buses should contact Chelsea.

And, just because we could all use a little more squee on a Friday — a bear and a chick:

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